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  1. Spifflove

    Comment by 'Spifflove' in item 'Swedish Flower chicken'

    Ok, here I am. Where is the review?
  2. Spifflove

    Comment by 'Spifflove' in item 'Leghorn'

    Well of course all birds are dinosaurs.
  3. Spifflove

    Comment by 'Spifflove' in item 'French White Muscovy ducks'

    Thats fine. Mine would not eat at all. I could not find wild game feed for under $1/pound. I took a chance on Turkey starter and thankfully they ate it. Now I give Turkey starter to all types of ducklings because they love it! I also feed it to chickens under 4 weeks. Experiences may vary.
  4. Spifflove

    Review by '' on item 'French White Muscovy ducks'

    This is where the meat is. Eating is believing and easily erased all doubts. They have large blue eyes and pink beaks. Nice barnyard cream color. They do need duck starter, Turkey grower or game feed. I tried mine on chick starter but they would not touch it. They have lots of character...
  5. Metzer Farms White Layer

    Metzer Farms White Layer

    A White version of the Metzer Hybrid 300. Appearance: A smaller version of the Pekin with a pink bill. Eggs: 250-300 per year. A duck bred for commercial duck egg production for customers desiring an all white duck.
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