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  1. oldchickenlady

    broody hen complex

    Hi all BYC'ers! I have a situation and I hope someone on here can give me some more ideas. I have a 6x8 coop with a 12x20 covered run with 4 nest boxes. I have 8 hens and one roo. I have 4 hens who have gone broody and I want to make like a broody hen complex separate from the original coop and...
  2. oldchickenlady

    Golden laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster

    My neighbor is looking for a young gold laced wyandotte rooster or cockerel, if anyone has one they dont need. He is located in Cabot, north of Jacksonville, Ar. Thanks!
  3. oldchickenlady

    eggs in the 'bator!

    I put almost 2 dozen LF SLW eggs in my 'bator on the 5th. I hope I get a mess of pullets! Love my pretty girls and my 2 handsome roos.
  4. oldchickenlady

    3 broody hens

    I have 3 broody hens and I had 4 fertile eggs. 2 hens are sharing a nest, although I have 4 nests. Yesterday one of the eggs pipped in the nest with 2 hens and somehow the hens mashed it to death. I went to the coop last night to check on it and to candle the other eggs. I found another pipped...
  5. oldchickenlady

    multiple broody hens

    I have 3 SLW hens that are all broody. I let them set on some eggs, and one tried to hatch today, but it got mashed by the 2 hens who insist on sharing a nest. There are still 3 eggs left, one is pipped, and the other 2 are fertile and should hatch in the next day or two. My question is...
  6. oldchickenlady

    broody hens dying

    I have had 2 broody hens die this summer, one a few weeks ago and one last night. I am so upset as these were my SLW's I got from Jerry Foley. I could find no sign of any trauma or disease. I have plenty of food in 2 separate feeders and 2 separate waterers close to their nests, it isn't too...
  7. oldchickenlady

    Mothers Day present

    I got 3 new baby chicks, hatched by one of my Foley pullets, on Mother's Day! Yay! Great present!
  8. oldchickenlady

    What price to ask?

    I am considering selling one of my year old Foley cockerels. I have two and they are fighting each other and I have no way to keep them seperate. I have no idea what price to ask for him. Any help from experienced breeder/sellers would be appreciated. Here is a pic of them.
  9. oldchickenlady


    Please post items wanted to buy in the appropriate Buy Sell Trade forum. Thanks.
  10. oldchickenlady

    WTB SLW's or light Brahmas

    WTB show quality (or close) SLW's or some light Brahma pullets. I will take chicks if that is all I can get, but prefer older chicks 8 weeks or older. My mom (86) loves to watch the chickens but due to glaucoma and macular degeneration, she can't see them unless there is lots of white on them. I...
  11. oldchickenlady

    Looking for someone to incubate-Update #2!!

    Well we ended up with 7 chicks...5 purebred SLW's and 2 BO/SLW crosses! I go pick them up tomorrow! They hatched out over the weekend. I just want to say what great people are on this website!! The lady who incubated for me kept me updated on every pipped egg and even sent pictures of my new...
  12. oldchickenlady

    Trauma and egg production

    I have a 6 month old SLW pullet who survived a dog attack about 3 1/2 weeks ago. She laid 2 eggs in the first 3 days after the attack but none since. Do I need to worry about her becoming egg bound or is this normal behavior after the extreme trauma she went through? She doesnt seem to have any...
  13. oldchickenlady

    Looking for someone to incubate-UPDATE!

    2 weeks ago I posted about 2 dogs getting into my run and killing 12 of my 15 chickens. A lady contacted me and said she could incubate my eggs for me. Last night she candled the eggs and saw movement in 2 and veins in 20 more! So I may get some chicks from my poor deceased girls. I am so...
  14. oldchickenlady

    Need help incubating/brooding in central Arkansas

    It finally happened to me, dogs broke my solid wood gate open this morning and killed 12 of my 15 chickens. I have some fertile eggs in the fridge. I would love to try to either borrow an incubator, have someone incubate for me, or slip some of my eggs under someone's broody hen. If anyone can...
  15. oldchickenlady

    Chicken killing dogs

    Well it finally happened to me...2 dogs got into my chicken pen this morning and killed 12 of my 15 chickens. I have a solid wood gate with 2 latches on it, one at the top, one at the bottom, but they still managed to force the gate open to get inside. 2 of my BO's managed to get out but not the...
  16. oldchickenlady

    Number of eggs

    I have a mixed flock of 8 hens that are a year old (6 BO' and 2 RIR's) and 6 SLW's from this spring (March 5). The SLW's started laying at 3.5 months, much earlier than my older hens, and they are outlaying the older hens 2:1. The older hens lay bigger eggs, but the younger hens lay way more...
  17. oldchickenlady

    baby boy crowed first time!

    My baby boy silver laced wyandotte roo crowed for the first time this morning! He has a fairly 'manly' crow, too for one so young. I let them out of the pen then went in the house to finish getting ready for work. When I came back out they were on the front porch (of course) and my roo was...
  18. oldchickenlady

    Baby rooster already doing his job!

    My chickens were free ranging the other day, when a cat came out of the woods and started to proceed across my land to some unknown destination. My little SLW roo, who is only about 10 weeks old, started to chase her off the property. My son was out in the yard, saw what he was doing and came...
  19. oldchickenlady

    GI tract blockage

    I had a year old RIR hen that I had thought was egg bound. Her abdomen was very swollen and she wasn't eating, causing her to lose weight drastically. I had soaked her in very warm water twice, which she seemed to enjoy very much, but it didn't help. I could not feel an egg close to her vent, so...
  20. oldchickenlady

    sneaky little suckers

    My hens had started laying again about 2 and a half weeks ago. Well, I have 11 hens and I was only getting 2-4 eggs a day! I kept looking and looking and couldn't find any hidden nests and I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any more eggs than that. Found the hidden nest today, in...
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