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  1. tmoore8595

    How do you advertise the eggs you sell?

    If you have extra eggs and want to sell them how do you advertise?
  2. tmoore8595

    Cross breeding question?

    Does anyone know of a site that shows the results of cross breeding chickens. I need pictures please.
  3. tmoore8595

    Ok, that's it, i'm through!

    I gave them fresh water, gathered the eggs, closed the pop door, and fed them for the last time. Until next year.
  4. tmoore8595

    Will my eggs still hatch? Power off for 16 hrs.

    I lost power for 16 hrs. because of the storms yesterday. I covered the incubator with blankets but that's all I could do. When the power came back on the temp. inside the incubator was 74 degrees. It was day 9 and all of the eggs were developing on day 7 when I candled them. Can anyone tell me...
  5. tmoore8595

    I put 28 eggs in my homemade incubator today. (March 25)

    I put 8 EE eggs and 20 RIR eggs in my homemade incubator at 3:30 pm today. Is anyone else starting today?
  6. tmoore8595


    I live in southern Jefferson county Al., near Tannehill State Park. Do I have any neighbors out there.
  7. tmoore8595

    Chicken with the shakes

    One of my RIR hens appears to have a nerve problem. It shakes constantly and has very poor balance. It is about 8 months old and has been like this since it was about 2 months old. Does anyone know what could be wrong with it?
  8. tmoore8595

    Black specks in eggs.

    I have little black specks in about half of my eggs. I get about a dozen eggs each day, and about six will have specks in them. I have researched and I know what they are, but I can not find out how to stop/control this problem. Does anyone out there know of anything I can do to fix or control...
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