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  1. kaseythomas86

    Hen or Roo Ameracauna 10 wks

    I have a few chickens I need some help sexing.
  2. kaseythomas86

    Gender of this polish

    I have this polish chick and it’s my first one. Is it male or female
  3. kaseythomas86

    Infectious Bronchitis

    I have 10 chickens. I raised 7 of them and I just bought 3 new chickens from a flee market and I think I made a huge mistake! Every chicken I have is sick now and I believe it's infectious bronchitis because they have laid funny looking eggs, have discharge coming from their nostrils, and making...
  4. kaseythomas86

    Sick Chick

    I got 3 Barred Rock chicks yesterday they are supposed to be 4/5 wks old. The chick that is acting funny I think is a little older than the other two because it is bigger it's probably 5wks old. All it does is sleep. It keeps it's feathers puffed up and it's rear is messy looking. I have not...
  5. kaseythomas86

    BO Roos

    I think I have 3 BO Roos (I hope I'm wrong). They are about 17/18 wks. I also have an EE Roo that is already crowing and has been for a week now. He is 15wks. Should the BOs be crowing by now if they are Roos or could they just be late bloomers? I don't want to get my hopes up that they are hens.
  6. kaseythomas86

    Buff orpington tail feather question

    I have 4 BOs that I'm not sure of the sex one has tail feathers that point up and 3 point down are the ones pointing down Roos?
  7. kaseythomas86

    Buff Orpington gender question!!

    Ok I am going to post some pics of my buff orpingtons they should be 3 weeks old if the guy at tractor supply really knew. Can anyone tell me if they are hens or roosters?!? I am afraid I have all roosters!
  8. kaseythomas86

    Baby Buff Orpingtons

    I just got 4 Buff Or. from Tractor Supply and 2 red pullets (1 passed away the day we got her). I am starting to worry I got all Roos is there any way you can tell at 2wks old? Also is it ok to get a few more from a local co op and mix them? Or do I need to quarantine them first?
  9. kaseythomas86

    Dairy Goats

    I am wanting a dairy goat we have a 4ft tall chain link fence, will this keep a goat from escaping? Also what breed do you recommend? We have never had goats before my daughter is wanting one we considered the pygmy but I decided I wanted a breed that could contribute to the family with milk...
  10. kaseythomas86

    New to chickens!

    Me and my family are thinking about getting a few chickens for eggs my question is if I have 4 ppl in my family how many chickens should I get? And in order for them to lay do you need a rooster? Also what breed is best for egg laying?
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