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  1. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Vulture Hocks or too early to tell?

    This is a four week old LF silver laced cochin. It has been a long time since I had LF purebred cochins and dont remember how they feather out
  2. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Langshan vs Black Cochin

    How would you tell the difference and at what age? I received 2 black feather footed chicks from McMurray Hatchery as part of a Rare Breed Special (pics tomorrow its too dark now). They are 2 months old and I'm still not sure what I have.
  3. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Color / Breed Confirmation for Lavender Splash Ameraucana Roo - Almost 6 months old.

    Purchased this roo today off of a really nice lady. He's really nice and I'm excited to put him over my hens for an easter egger project. He should be purebred Ameraucana and she called his color Lavender Splash. Your thoughts??
  4. AlpineSpringsRanch

    2 EE's. Gender / Age / Color Pls

    I picked these two easter eggers out of a pen of 40 or so from a local hatchery. I picked two I thought looked least like Rooster's in the pen. But, I have no rooster EE experience. Also, the color on these two is weird, kind of muted. One is like a light gray the other has a chocolate kind...
  5. AlpineSpringsRanch

    What Age to Start "Collecting" a Male for Artificial Insemination

    I just purchased a Splash Ameraucana Rooster for my girls. He's just coming on 5 months old and already "trying" to breed but the older hens don't normally allow him to mount. I am experienced with AI for horses, pigs, and cows so figure why not chickens. From what I have researched on here it...
  6. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Adult Bantam Pair - What breed / color are they?

    I received this pair today as a gift, cage and all. Can anybody tell me what breed / color this hen and roo are?
  7. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Can I Get Sex Links out of Any of These? + How long till they breed true?

    I have 2 roos. 1 Partridge Cochin / 1 Silver Penciled Rock 5 hens. 1 partridge cochin / 2 silver penciled rocks / 2 new hampshire reds Would any of the roos over any of these hens produce sex links? ALSO everybody runs together now. If I separate them, how long until they breed true?
  8. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Early Candling Question

    I was lookimg at this thread: For the day 1 - 4, if you rotate the egg should the embryo stay put or is it ok for it to move? I've got 6 eggs, my first time trying to incubate. A couple of them I...
  9. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Breed Guesses on these 3 "Rare" Chicks - Updated Pictures @ 4 weeks

    These three were part of my rare breed special and I am still not 100% sure what BREED they might be. Any guesses? They are almost 3 weeks old. ETA updated pictures at 4 weeks below. Chick 1 Chick 2 Chick 3
  10. AlpineSpringsRanch

    3 Turkey Poults - Gender Guesses?

    Three turkey poults. Any idea what sex they might be. Also, would the little black one be old enough to go outside in my breeding pens with no heat? Its about 80 / 90 outside. I have these three and about 9 chicks in the brooder. I'd like to let them go outside during the day while I'm at work.
  11. AlpineSpringsRanch

    7 Easter Eggers - 2 age groups - 2 questions

    1. What Sex :D 2. How old. I think 2 age groups. I bought them in two batches one week or so apart from a local breeder...doesn't mean they are 1 week apart. I'm trying to figure out if they are all old enough to go outside in the new breeding pen /hutch I built. Its been about 80 - 90 every day...
  12. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Incubating / Hatching Questions

    I'm in the process of converting a wine cooler into an incubator using some of the ideas I've gained from BYC. My "breeding stock" consists of 2 Silver Penciled Hens and 1 Rooster and1 LF Partridge Cochin Pair (with 3 more 3-week old pullets in the brooder). I also have 2 New Hampshire Red...
  13. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Brooder Accident

    I feel guilty but lucky at the same time. I lost about 8 chicks to a brooder accident today. I had accidentally locked one of my two cats in the garage. When I came home I found one lid (one has a hinge, this was the one that just rests on the top) displaced and IDK What she did. It then dawned...
  14. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Assistance Please!! Rare Breed Chicks...No Clue what they are.

    Ordered 50 chicks. 25 I ordered specific breeds and know who is who. 25 ish are a Rare Breed Special Lot Any help to identify would be greatly appreciated. 1. White Crested Black Polish 2. Silkie?? No Clue...polishy head but feathered feet! Maybe a banty? Its on the smallish side (there are...
  15. AlpineSpringsRanch

    New Brooder In the Works!!

    Just a teaser, more pictures to come. Got 50 baby chicks on the way from McMurray and 11 in the brooder I built last year. Figured out I needed more room. Was scouring the brooder thread and found the link to the Ikea me totally thinking in a direction I hadn't before... Scored this...
  16. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Silver Laced Wyandotte Hen - So. Cal

    Gorgeous 1 year old Silver Laced Wyandotte hen. Lays big, brown eggs. Docile. Has been free-range her entire life. Goes into the coop automatically every evening. Silver Laced Wyandottes are known to be good layers, laying around 200 eggs per year. I haven't counted but Lucy is now giving...
  17. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Brooder Capacity

    Just wondering what you all would say the "Capacity" is / should be for this brooder I built. 56" L x 28" wide I placed a chick order, have 11 one week old chicks in it right now (I can move them to a smaller brooder if...
  18. AlpineSpringsRanch

    Pilgrim Gosling Pair - San Fernando Valley, CA

    Male and Female available hatched 04/14/2012. $30 for the pair. We are right by East Valley Feed and Tack in the Shadow Hills / Lake View Terrace Area. (Between San Fernando and Pasadena, close to the 210 and 5 freeways. Pilgrim geese are an auto sexing breed so you can tell boys from girls as...
  19. AlpineSpringsRanch

    5 mo Old Buff Brahma - What Gender?

    Hatchery Stock - the only one of 5 that survived... I have seen it "sparring" - have not heard any of my 21 chickens EVER crow...even though I know some of the 5 month olds are boys. Whats your take on this one??
  20. AlpineSpringsRanch

    2 Chicks Killed Yesterday - Questions

    Sometime yesterday 2 of my 2 month old chicks (out of 21 chicks) were killed by something. Whatever it was took the heads and left the bodies. I didn't even notice when I put them away last night because it was already dark and they were all already asleep. I found the bodies outside this...
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