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  1. Luckyleaf

    Pale comb, blood, lethargy. Help?

    Hi, I've just noticed that my bantam welsummer hen is acting a little strange. She isn't going for any food or mealworms and her comb is very faded. I noticed a little blood on her feet and neck but after wiping her down I couldn't find any clear sign of an actual wound. The other chickens seem...
  2. Luckyleaf

    Liege Fighter hens as good as roos?

    Although I have a wonderfully helpful family of crows nearby, my yard still seems to receive routine visits from hawks. I keep only bantam hens, so they're a bite-sized snack that's especially tempting. For this reason, I've never felt comfortable letting my girls free-range. I've heard that...
  3. Luckyleaf

    Name a cartoon chicken!

    I love chickens and I love animation, too. Here's the challenge: Let's keep naming cartoon chicken characters until we've named them all! Include a picture too if you can. I'll start! Chanticleer from Rock-a-Doodle !
  4. Luckyleaf

    K&H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry 25 Watt Brooder?

    K&H Pet Products Thermo-Poultry 25 Watt Brooder Link to Tractor Supply: Link to K&H Product Site: What are...
  5. Luckyleaf

    First-time Chick Mom - A few questions!

    Hi guys! It's finally happening! My 5 Sebright chicks will arrive in the mail on Thursday if all goes well. Additionally, I'm getting some day old chicks from someone local at the same time - 2 silkies and 1 Mille Fleur d’Uccle. So a total of 8 little chickies. I'm so very excited! I have all...
  6. Luckyleaf

    ISO bantam australorp chicks (or eggs)

    I have been searching the forums as well as looking for breeders on google, but no luck finding bantam australorp chicks. (Or even hatching eggs!) I know they exist, and I'm looking to buy 5 or 6 and hopefully put them in with the other bantam chicks I'm already expecting in mid July. Does...
  7. Luckyleaf

    Egg color genetics?

    I have a newbie question about hatching eggs. Does the color of the eggs guarentee the color that chick will grow up to lay herself. For example, if I pick only the darkest brown eggs out of a selection of two dozen marans eggs, would those chickens lay very good dark brown eggs? Another...
  8. Luckyleaf

    A chatty chickie steps in

    Hi! I'm obviously new around here and very happy to have found this place! I'm 30 years old and I live in Georgia. I've been interested in backyard homesteading for several years now. So much so that when I finally decided to stop renting and take the big leap into owning a home, the backyard...
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