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  1. Plain_View_Farm

    Can French Guineas reproduce naturally?

    In doing some research I find contradicting information about French Guineas. Some say they must be artificially inseminated to produce fertile eggs and others say they reproduce naturally... Who has French Guineas and what have you found to be true? Thanks, David
  2. Plain_View_Farm

    Turkeys and thumping

    OK, so I've been meaning to ask about this and I keep forgetting until I'm not near the computer. The Turkeys outside started my curiosity. When you thump on say a board or the roof of their shelter or even the hood of the truck the boys Gobble. Typically 3 times... When you thump on something...
  3. Plain_View_Farm

    Suet blocks for Quail?

    My DW buys and makes Suet Blocks for the wild birds and I'm wondering now if they could be given to Coturnix and Bob White Quail? They contain fat ( lard most likely) Peanut Butter, Corn Meal and various Wild Bird Seeds like Sunflower. DW adds Bacon Grease to hers. Any advice? David
  4. Plain_View_Farm

    Button Quail traits???

    So we got home Friday evening and found our Perfectly Pure White Button Quail with 2 holes in the top of his head and 2 males pecking at the spots. :shock: We isolated it in a transport cage. After watching him for a few hours we sat that on top of the cage it came from for the night. We get...
  5. Plain_View_Farm

    Large Coturnix area. Is Game Bird Netting enough?

    I'm considering putting up a 10'X10'X6' pen for our Coturnix rather than keep them in cage type pens. I would line the inside of the chain link with a netting material and have a good bit of Game Bird Netting left. And of course it would have netting over the top.... Is Game Bird Netting...
  6. Plain_View_Farm

    How young can you give meal worms?

    We have a dozen Button Quail from our first hatch that are about 2 weeks old. How old should they be before you give them meal worms? Their Momma's and Daddy's LOVE em. David
  7. Plain_View_Farm

    Button quail with leg disorder

    We're on our second hatch of Button Quail and in each one we have 1 that has a leg disorder of some sort. They will drag one leg behind them. One is a little over 2 weeks old and now that it is a bit bigger it looks to me like it's hip is dislocated. At first I tended to it as it seemed to me to...
  8. Plain_View_Farm

    Button Quail pricing (Latest pics added)

    Well Niki you finally got to us...... We finally got into Quail. Coturnix and Button.... We had our first hatch of Button Quail and I'm wondering "ok Now... how much is a fair price to sell them for?" We also have some spare male Buttons that I might sell but I don't know what is a fair...
  9. Plain_View_Farm

    FS Black Spanish Turkey eggs (Virginia)

    We are currently taking orders for Black Spanish Turkey eggs. $30.00/dozen Plus shipping. We ship on Mondays by Priority Mail. First order could ship 4/27 You can contact us here or by email. Thanks for looking, David
  10. Plain_View_Farm

    Gilmanor Swap Meet in Glen Alan May 2

    Is anyone going to the Swap Meet at Gilmanor Farm on May 2nd? It would be neat to meet some folks from BYC there. Edited to correct title to Glen Alan David
  11. Plain_View_Farm

    FS: (Virginia) Fertile Khaki Campbell Duck eggs

    We have an abundance of Khaki eggs we would like to find an incubator for. We're not hatching any water birds this year. $10.00/ dozen + shipping cost which would be $15.00 or less depending on your location. Reply here, PM or Email us for shipping cost. Thanks for looking, David
  12. Plain_View_Farm

    FS: White Chinese Goose eggs (Virginia)

    For Sale with Monday shipment. 6 White Chinese Goose eggs $25.00, Priority Mail shipping included. I can do up to 3 half dozen batch sales. Thanks for looking, David
  13. Plain_View_Farm

    Hard boiling goose eggs?

    OK all you cooks out there.. How long would you hard boil a goose egg for Easter eggs? A friend wants some Goose eggs for her grand daughter to color in her Easter Basket. Thanks David
  14. Plain_View_Farm

    For Sale (Virginia) White Chinese Goose eggs

    We will be shipping White Chinese Goose eggs again Monday 4/6 and taking orders now. The price is $2.00 apiece + shipping. We ship Priority Mail which is generally 2 day shipping and will gather over the weekend for this shipment. Feel free to visit our website or email/PM here for more...
  15. Plain_View_Farm

    F.S. White Chinese Goose Eggs (Louisa, Va)

    We are getting sufficient Goose eggs now to advertise to sell. OK, I really hate wasting these eggs and we can't hatch any water birds this year Hows $2.00 apiece up to 1 half dozen, plus shipping. We like to ship Monday or Tuesday to insure arrival before the weekend. Pm or email your...
  16. Plain_View_Farm

    Virginia Poultry Show in May

    Does anyone know the name of the farm near Montpelier Virginia in May this year where the Poultry Show is? Thanks, David
  17. Plain_View_Farm

    Hatchable when weather is this cold?

    Our Chinese Geese have started laying. I know the boys have been doing their part for a few weeks now but the weather has been so cold still. Our days have been running in the 40's and they seem to lay during the day but it could be early morning when the temp is in the 20's. I'm wondering if...
  18. Plain_View_Farm

    Feeding poultry cooked eggs

    I know there are many posts on the topic. That's where I learned of it. I'm hoping though I might get a few questions answered at one time on the subject. 1. How many eggs would you give a flock of 30 chickens at a time? 2. How often? Daily, weekly, etc. 3. Would Ducks eat them too and is it...
  19. Plain_View_Farm

    Questionable Tom???

    We found a listing on Craigslist last week for a pair of Royal Palm Turkeys. One male one female.. Though we REALLY didn't need any more turkeys we had been considering expanding to Royal Palm and figured whats 2 more.... The birds were kept in good conditions and we liked what we saw so we...
  20. Plain_View_Farm

    Turkeys fighting between breeds

    In Spring 07 we expanded our Hobby Farm to include Turkeys. We chose Black Spanish and Bourbon Red as they are Heritage Breed Turkeys and 2 of the more declining breeds. This past year we incubated and hatched several times selling off the Poults to local folks but we have 8 Toms left. 4 Bourbon...
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