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    I am so excited. I am getting two Sebastopol goslings next week. I found a lady here on Back Yard Chickens who had two, two month old goslings who she had planned on keeping but said she would sell them to me. I am so excited. I had been looking for Sebastopol geese but having bad luck finding...
  2. nutmeggie

    What is in a name? Peafowl naming inspiration!

    I was happy to see you like to use names from mythology. My dogs name is Pandora, because I love mythology and like names that have meaning. My old dogs name (From years ago) was Angus. He was an all black dog. I had a boa named Merlin. I can't wait to find out what you name your bird!!
  3. nutmeggie

    Life on the farm - Updates from Bethel

    I am in love with your house and land. That is pretty much my dream house. What I want to know is if you have met Green Morris yet around your house? I think it would be fun to have a ghost in my house as long as it was a nice ghost. You have such a beautiful house, inside and out.
  4. nutmeggie

    Am I a Redneck???

    I guess where I grew up being a Redneck wasn't seen as a bad thing. They are in small towns or the country. like the woods and country. Listen to country music, wear carhartt and flannel. Hunt, fish, go to tractor pulls, own 4 wheelers, animal people. Would rather wear a flannel shirt, jeans and...
  5. nutmeggie

    Need some personal help here...

    I don't know you or your husband so I don't know what things are like. If he knows how close you are to your brother and how important it is to you to see him get married Why is he mad at you for wanting to go? Is he really still upset about Vegas five years ago or is he coming up with anything...
  6. nutmeggie

    Ducklings found help identifying

    ohhh. I looked up the hooded merganser duck. Those are beautiful ducks. Wood ducks are beautiful also. Are you going to raise them and keep them?
  7. nutmeggie

    Wow....(non chicken related)....

    Even in that article it said a few years ago (I think it said 96) someone made contact with a unknown tribe and half the tribe died within a year from colds. Its too bad that people as so consumed with money they can't leave them alone. They have to do their logging and oil stuff. Doessn't seem...
  8. nutmeggie

    Homemade Yogurt **Updated** Cheese and Buttermilk

    I have a question. I just read this for the first time. I really want to try making all the different things, I'm excited to try the yogurt. I have a question. The cultures you use to make it. Miss Prissy I know you say to just use yogurt to make your own and not bother buying the powdered...
  9. nutmeggie

    Anyone want to get into shape this summer?

    I'm game. I decided today I wanted to get serious again about losing some pounds. Other people always help. I started a journal today to record what I eat. That way if its bad for me I have to put in writing that I ate it so I'll be less likely to eat it. I need to start exercising though. I'm...
  10. nutmeggie

    Yucklings... yes, I spelled that right!

    How cute, just like kids and dogs. One small mud puddle but they go stright in. (Okay I may have been one of those kids once, it was fun playing in the mud).
  11. nutmeggie

    I never knew my dog had it in him..NEW pic of him in action :D See pg1

    What a beautiful dog!!! When I first started reading the story I thought it was going to be the other way around. That it wasn't going to have a happy ending. I was so happy to read the happy ending!!
  12. nutmeggie

    Say it Ain't So!

  13. nutmeggie

    3 day old gosling

    How cute!!!
  14. nutmeggie

    Banning pit bulls in Ohio

    Many places want to ban certain breeds. I'm pretty sure its more then just a scare from pitt bull rescues. I'm pretty sure other cities have already passes the ban, I can see a whole state trying to do it too. I think it is horrible. The way I feel has been stated by many people already so I...
  15. nutmeggie

    Recovering from FIRE!

    I'm glad you get to move back in soon!! Good kuck with your new chickens no matter what kind you end up with!!
  16. nutmeggie

    I need longer legs

    How sweet!! They are cute chickens.
  17. nutmeggie

    Meet Ruby, my new dog!

    She is beautiful. My Aunt and Uncle had a boxer who was the sweetest dog. 90 pound dog who though he was a lap dog!!
  18. nutmeggie

    Wierd Laws

    Oh I love those!!!!
  19. nutmeggie

    Movie quotes

    Whats UHF stand for? I know the Badges.... line but for the life of me can't remember from where and trying to figure out what the UHF stands for is driving me even more nuts!!!! Okay and I'm so sorry for this because its more of a scene then one quote but its my favorite scene from the whole...
  20. nutmeggie

    Farmer wants a wife

    Katy- I'm pretty sure it was a joke. At least thats how I took it. The show was funny. I'll have to watch more of it in the coming weeks. I like one of the girls but I don't know their names so I don't know whos who yet.
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