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  1. skunknchatter

    Sebastopol and Emden

    Okay, after some reading my plan is to let the geese (maybe everyone) out to graze in the pasture during the day and training them to go back into the run at night. Are raccoons big enough to take on a goose? Say I wanted to let them just live in the pasture and put a goose house out there? We...
  2. skunknchatter

    Sebastopol and Emden

    I have the opportunity to get a Sebastopol gander and an Emden goose from a neighboring homesteader. I have owned chickens and ducks but never geese. Right now I have a large run (16'x24') with a very mild mannered rooster, one runner duck, and one hen. I am hoping that the new geese can move...
  3. skunknchatter

    Old Duck Problems

    So my one Indian Runner duck, Norm, has been living with my chickens since he was a duckling. He is 9 years old this year and we're running into a few problems. The biggest one is that, now that he's older, he doesn't seem to be able to navigate the narrow ramp up into the coop. He's always gone...
  4. skunknchatter

    "Springing in the Chicks" 2016 April Hatch-a-Long Hosted by Mike & Sally

    Hey all! My son and I got out the trusty homemade cooler incubator today. We'll be putting a dozen eggs in from our back yard flock. The rooster is one bird that was successfully hatched by old fashion broody hen. He's 3/4 BO and 1/4 Welsummer. The hens are some mixed we've hatched, BO...
  5. skunknchatter

    Coops on Fire

    Here's a quick reminder about the dangers of heat lamps in chicken coops. I woke up at 2AM this morning to my husbands fire pager going off. He was dispatched to a chicken coop that had caught fire and then caught an apartment complex on fire. The cause? A heat lamp. Having a heat lamp in your...
  6. skunknchatter

    Valbazen and Eggs

    So I was using the trusty "google" to see why Valbazen is harmful to humans. Mostly because I was annoyed that I have to not eat the eggs from my hens for 2 weeks after worming. Well since you do it again 10 days after the first dose that's almost a month of wasted eggs. Anyway... wanna know...
  7. skunknchatter

    Plants or other ideas for stationary coop.....

    Keep in mind that chickens will eat/peck/destroy most plants. For entertainment lots of suggestions on BYC for chicken "toys". Stringing a head of lettuce or other veggies up in the coop seems like a most popular option.
  8. skunknchatter

    Thistle keeps popping up in yard

    They'll go around the thistle. And if they eat it, chances are it won't hurt them. If their body can grind and digest bits of dried corn then a thistle thorn shouldn't be a problem. Heck, my horses eat them if you cut them down so they can eat them backwards (so the thorns fold down). I was...
  9. skunknchatter

    Considering a rooster. Any advice???

    I would suggest finding an easy going breed for your rooster. I've had several roosters and none have ever been so nice as my Buff Orpington roosters. One good kick to prove that you are in charge is all it ever took to train a BO Roo at my house. The great thing about an established rooster is...
  10. skunknchatter

    First Run of Cornish Cross Meat Birds and Super Excited!

    Are you zoned for your chickens? If you are I'd tell her molting is a natural process as is the spring shedding of her horses. Tell her you are willing to ignore the clumps of horse hair that sometimes make their way to your property if she'll forgive a few feathers. Horses are smart enough to...
  11. skunknchatter

    Wood Ash under Shavings

    I use it, mixed with play sand, for dusting rather than DE already and the hens love it. Just wondering if there is any reason not to put it inside with them. Unless there was some compelling reason not to.... I've got a whole stove full of the stuff from burning all winter. I really need to...
  12. skunknchatter

    Dust bath

    The problem sometimes lies in it becoming airborne. So your chickens roll around in it, dust gets carried by a breeze to the flower patch, the dust settles on the flowers, which in turn effects the bees. I personally choose not to use it. But you are correct, it isn't a poison. It all comes down...
  13. skunknchatter

    Rough Rooster, Sunburned Hen

    Yeah, I would have left well enough alone until it got good and sunny here. Her back was pink, then red, then dark red. I figured I'd better do something. I was browsing the Buy, Sell, Trade section and there is someone on there who sells chicken saddles for under $5. Great option if you don't...
  14. skunknchatter

    Poult's Flock & Other Pets

    I even name the young roosters that I know are headed for the chopping block. However, if I get meat birds to raise I won't be naming them.
  15. skunknchatter

    Dust bath

    Just a note, DE can be very harmful to honey bees. Wood ash is a better option (and free).
  16. skunknchatter

    Wood Ash under Shavings

    I use pine shavings in my hen house and was wondering about putting a layer of wood ash under the shavings next time I clean it. I haven't had a lot of problems with mites and lice in the past but I figure better to prevent then wait for an infestation. Any reason I shouldn't put down wood ash...
  17. skunknchatter

    Comment by 'skunknchatter' in article 'Pullet Pimps Layers Lodge Chicken Coop'

    Loving the style of this coop. Looking for ideas to build new mega coop on our newly purchased acreage!
  18. skunknchatter

    Hire out Processing?

    So I'd like to raise some meat birds but I don't have the stomach to kill them. I know it sounds lame but it's true. We've raised cows and pigs but always hire out for slaughter. Are there any options for someone who wants to raise their own but not process them? I'm in Northern Utah.
  19. skunknchatter

    Coop cleanliness

    My coop is for sleeping and egg laying only. I call it a "hen house" rather than a coop. The Hen House is inside a 12'x16' chain link "coop". The hen house is up on 2' tall legs which are mounted to 8" tall cinderblock post mounts. So it's almost 3' off the ground. This gives the hens some...
  20. skunknchatter

    Rough Rooster, Sunburned Hen

    So DS is sick today and DH is gone to wildland fire training. What do I have better to do than make "hen savers"? Found a handy tutorial link from a few threads here on BYC. Made 2 out of old denim jeans. I figured the thicker fabric would be better and I didn't have to mess with interfacing. I...
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