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  1. Kenc

    Bald spot on the underside of my Barred Rocks

    I'm a newbie, so don't know what is going on here. I have two Barred Rocks that have recently developed bald spots on their undersides. Anyone know what/why? My third Barred Rock has not developed this and my three Golden Comets are fine, as well. They are laying regularly and don't seem to be...
  2. Kenc

    First eggs at Cackle Cottage!

    We have three Barred Plymouth rocks and 3 Golden Comets. They began laying on January 14th. We've gotten at least one egg each day since, and as many as 4. They are all smaller than grocery store eggs, but sooo much better. How long does it take for them to increase to full size? The golf...
  3. Kenc

    Almost Done!

    Here are some pics of the coop I'm building.
  4. Kenc

    New Coop

    Started on my new coop today. Still have several things to figure out, plus building a run. It's been fun, so far!
  5. Kenc

    New in South Carolina

    Hi Everyone! Just getting started in BYC. Acquired 3 Barred Rocks and 3 Golden Sex Links today, so I'm now on the quest to find a chicken coop plan that I like and can build, before the flock needs to move out of the plastic tub. Thanks to all of you and BYC for providing a wealth of...
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