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  1. nursecat9

    what predator?

    So I looked out this morning and saw lots of dead juvenile birds....everywhere! Very little blood, but lots of feathers around each body. Nothing was eaten off the birds but looks like they were killed for sport. I've never had predators before....please tell me what this is and how to fix...
  2. nursecat9

    Best age to put in chicken tractor?

    I have 50 cornish x that will be 3 weeks old on Wed. We live in WV...temps staying around 50's in the evening....80's during the day. I haven't had a heat lamp on them for about 5 days now bc the heat stays in the coop at night, and they've done fine. Can I go ahead and put them in the...
  3. nursecat9

    Newbie question

    I am having my first Cornish X processed on June 1st. I think I read on here to let the birds stew in their own juices for about 3 days in the fridge before you eat or freeze. Am I remembering this right? If so, should anything be added to the bag along with it? Thanks or letting a newbie...
  4. nursecat9

    Will broody hen take care of chicks that were incubated?

    I may have posted this in the wrong section earlier. I have 13 bantam cochins that just hatched in the incubator, but I now have 5 hens that are broody. Can I put the chicks in with these hens? Will they take care of them ok? If anyone could let me know asap...thanks!
  5. nursecat9

    Will broody hen take care of chicks that were incubated?

    1 week after the incubator arrived, 5, yes that's right, 5 hens went broody! Really! Anyway, can I put these chicks in the brooder with 1 of these hens?
  6. nursecat9

    Polish from McMurray?

    I'm thinking of purchasing some polish, and McMurray seems to be the only hatchery that will sex them. Does anyone have any pics or opinions about Polish that you've received? Thanks
  7. nursecat9

    Unsure of posting in the right place...

    I'm not sure I'm in the right place, but I'm wondering how long do I have to seperate my hens from the other breeds of roos in order to get correct barred with barred and so on. Right now all my girls and guys are together, and I'd like to hatch in the spring. Thanks in advance!
  8. nursecat9

    What to do to stop hen pecking, and why now?

    My girls are now 24 weeks old, and I've been getting between 12-16 eggs per day out of 25 hens. I have 5 ss, 5 slw, 5 bo, 6ee, and 5bo's. My roo is not doing any manly duties yet including crowing, and no my eggs aren't fertile yet either. 4 out of the 5 slw are picking at each other, and...
  9. nursecat9

    Can I? Or even should I?

    I have 25 pullets that are starting to lay, (22 weeks old) and only 1 SS cockerel (also 22 weeks old). He is not crowing yet, nor performing his manly duties. I have another coop with bantam cochins that has too many roos in it. They have been crowing since they were 6 weeks old, and...
  10. nursecat9

    baby silkies

    I'm thinking of getting some silkies. Is there anything special I need to know about them? Is it the same temp. as any other babies? That sort of thing. Thanks!
  11. nursecat9

    Help Please--Another pasty butt question

    Quick question. 1 of my bantam cochin (i'm pretty sure roo due to feathering) has pasty butt. I've been cleaning it well every day and a couple times a day if needed. I noticed today he's def. smaller than the other chicks. I thought maybe yesterday, but it's def. today. Is this possibly...
  12. nursecat9

    Corn Husks?

    Hi everyone. I've looked on the treats chart, but it doesn't say whether or not they can have the corn husks or not. I'm getting 100 ears of corn to freeze and didn't know if it would be ok to throw them the husks. Thanks everyone!
  13. nursecat9

    What are these baby cochins?

    So what do you think? I have some suspicions, but I'm not sure, and would love your expert advice! Thanks!
  14. nursecat9

    Pics.. What kind are they! Bantam cochins!

    Hi everyone! I'm enjoying my 33 BC, but I got an assortments, and some I just have no idea what they're going to be by their markings. I have searched all day for picture of baby bc, but have had limited luck. Can you show me yours? Please? As you can tell, I'm not the most patient person...
  15. nursecat9

    tHEY'RE HERE!! - PICS! Getting cochin bantams on Friday!

    Just a quick question. I've raised 27 standard chicks who are now 8 weeks old. I'm getting 25 cochin bantams on Friday. I'm assuming that the temp. of the brooder and the other conditions are the same as the standards. Are there any special precautions we should take because of their...
  16. nursecat9

    Coop size for cochin bantams

    So my wonder dh said Wed. morning that I could get more chickens! So I called the company that we got our first order of chicks from and placed my order around noon. 25 cochin bantam assortment. They called me 3:30 the same day and said that my order had just hatched, and would be...
  17. nursecat9

    cross beak- PICS PLEASE HELP!

    1 of my 2 week old today chicks has a cross beak. Up until today, she seemed able to drink and eat OK. She was as big as the other chicks and seemed to weight as much too. Today, I haven't seen her eat or drink. I dipped her beak in some water and she did seem to swallow some, but she's just...
  18. nursecat9

    Almost a tragedy!

    My 28 babies arrived on Fri. of last week, having been hatched on Wed. We've kept them in our bathroom in a big rubbermaid tote. We got out our rather large dog kennel yest. afternoon, hosed it off and got it clean. While it was drying, we decided to go to TSC and Lowes to price some fencing...
  19. nursecat9

    My chicks are here!

    I ordered my chicks 4-17 from Stromberg's. They were shipped Wed. and they arrived today! They all look great! Everything was very smooth, and the staff was very friendly! They even sent 3 extra, so now I have 28! They all drank and ate right away and are just sooooo cute! Only 1...
  20. nursecat9

    Anyone ever ordered from Stromberg's?

    Has anyone ever ordered from Stromberg's? If so, how was your experience and how did the chicks good condition or not? Thanks for any info!
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