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  1. My Chickens! (Well, some of them)

    My Chickens! (Well, some of them)

    Hi! Here I am going to tell you guys about 2 of my hens, Blossom and Little Red. First is Blossom, This is my white bresse hen, Blossom. She is by far my most human-friendly chicken, and is great with children! She will eat out of your hand, run to you when you open your arms, and let you...
  2. Chickensfan

    My Chickens...Adventures?

    Hi all. Well, i have seen many pages like this and decided to write one of my own! hope you like it! (warning, it will be very, very long.) first, let me introduce the flock. I have 13 chickens all of many different personalities and colors, shapes, and sizes. In the past, I have had about five...
  3. Chickensfan


    hello! here is a page on my beloved rooster Hats. I am sorry it is so short! Put it this way, my white crested black polish rooster is my side--chick. He is a wonderful roo with a unique personality! he is passive,a bit skitish, but the good things overpower the bad. He is also loveable, cute...
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