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  1. jeepgrrl

    Hawk vs Owl MO

    Yes, we are going to put up a game camera in a few locations in the back of the property, I'd like to see what critters are roaming around back there at night. I have been taking the huskies back to that area so they would leave their scents as a deterrant so if it was a fox, hopefully the fox...
  2. jeepgrrl

    Hawk vs Owl MO

    Great news! When we got home from work today Feather was back in the coop!!! :woot She is traumatized and exhausted, probably was up all night, frightened out of her mind, but she was talking to me and let me inspect her for damage. She has a gash just above where her wing is attached and...
  3. jeepgrrl

    Hawk vs Owl MO

    Hi all, I'm trying to tease out any info on what aerial predator took my beloved Dark Brahma today. I'm thinking it was either an owl or a hawk. Her name was Feather Feet and she was a big, healthy girl, weighing in at around 9 lbs. She was missing when we returned home from work, around 3pm...
  4. jeepgrrl

    Beginner - Are chickens low maintenance?

    Hi Mathie! I was curious if you ever followed through with your plans? I am one of the posters who is against your idea (no offense intended) but I've reread some of your posts and now understand that you view chickens in a different light than some of us diehard animal lovers (again, no offense...
  5. jeepgrrl


    Hi there! I also use sand in my run. My run isn't huge (probably 8 ft x 4 ft) but my girls free range from sun up to sun down and aren't confined to it, although it is where the "indoor" feeder and waterer are located so they do spend some time in there if they are too lazy to walk over to the...
  6. jeepgrrl

    Hawk is picking off my flock!! Help!!

    Boy, they are brazen creatures! The hawk that killed my EE pullet last September came back later that same day and sat on the roof of the run, terrorizing the girls that were locked in below. :barnie
  7. jeepgrrl

    Hawk is picking off my flock!! Help!!

    In many states it is illegal to kill birds of prey/raptors without a permit from the state's department of natural resources/wildlife. In Ohio, it's a $15,000 fine for the first offense. We have turkey vultures out the wazoo here but they only seemed interested when the chicks were babies and...
  8. jeepgrrl

    Hawk is picking off my flock!! Help!!

    We have issues with migratory hawks this time of year. I have lost one of my girls around this time of year for the past three years. The local hawks that live here year round prefer to hunt in the open fields, and there is a murder of crows that live in the woods behind us that help keep the...
  9. jeepgrrl

    Easter Egger pullet vs cockerel?

    Sorry I didn’t intend to hijack the thread, since I had the same question I thought it was appropriate to post it here rather than start up another thread. My bad.
  10. jeepgrrl

    Review by 'jeepgrrl' in article 'How much room do chickens need'

    Very informative article, and it answered some questions I had. Thank you for posting it! :thumbsup
  11. jeepgrrl

    Poultry netting to separate new girls from old?

    Hi all, I am in the process of slowly integrating my 6.5-week-old mixed-breed chicks with my older flock of 7 mixed-breed, free-range hens; 3 of them are 2 years old, the other 4 are just about a year old. Right now I have the pullets in a small dog crate inside of the run ("look but don't...
  12. jeepgrrl

    Run Question

    Personally, I like sand in the run (not the white sandbox play sand, but all-purpose sand). It dries out quickly when it rains, it doesn't blow around everywhere and get tracked out of the run like pine shavings do, and it doesn't smell. I just keep adding more sand to the run when it looks like...
  13. jeepgrrl

    Ripped off claw nail - how to stop the bleeding???

    Good day! I did a quick check on Gertie a little while ago (hubby's car is also in the garage with her and he had to leave for work) and she's doing well so far, although she was less than thrilled that she was woken up, so i didnt get a real good look at her toe, but no blood was seen either...
  14. jeepgrrl

    I thought chicks need grit?

    :yuckyuck Thanks for the early morning chuckle! You definitely have quite a unique hen there! :clap
  15. jeepgrrl

    I thought chicks need grit?

    Naw, you aren't stupid...they just can be curious ,crafty, stealthy, little feathered b^[email protected]#es, as I lovingly refer to them as. It amazes me what they will peck at and try to eat...everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is free game. To them, your beautiful diamond was just a big ol' piece of grit...
  16. jeepgrrl

    Possible reproductive issue with my Hen?

    I haven't had the experience of bringing older pullets/hens into my (small) flock (yet) but I am most certain that it would be most challenging, as would be for any animal that is past the early learning stages. Hopefully the previous owner was kind to her. A few of my hens that I raised from...
  17. jeepgrrl

    I thought chicks need grit?

    I'd just add Good golly! :eek: And I thought I heard it all! I'll have to pay more attention to my bling when I'm around my girls. They usually try for my watch and beaded bracelets. I'm wishing you a brilliant outcome and hope all goes well! BTW, did you name the hen Diamond? :gig:lau So...
  18. jeepgrrl

    Ripped off claw nail - how to stop the bleeding???

    Thank you for the condolences. Chipper was beautiful and friendly, so sad her life was cut short. I have both Betadine and Bag Balm here at the house. I'll do as you suggested here in a few. I'm glad Gertie lets me work on her without a fuss; if this had been my Ancona hen, I would need hubby's...
  19. jeepgrrl

    I thought chicks need grit?

    Hi cluckmecoop7! I've only raised two flocks of day olds (both successfully, no losses, 2017 and 2018) so I am no expert and don't want to criticize the expertise of those who are much more experienced, but I gave my chicks chick grit in a separate feeder base at around week 2 until they were...
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