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  1. Favacauna


    These hardy chicks will make you fall in love all over again. They will be Blue/Black/Splash barred chicks that lay a nice green egg.
  2. Super Blue Egg Layer

    Super Blue Egg Layer

    These start out as yellow chicks and they grow into white hens with black flecks. They typically start laying at the early age of 24 weeks. These hens lay HUGE blue eggs, five to six times per week.
  3. Carolina Blue Sex-Link EE

    Carolina Blue Sex-Link EE

    These blue sex-linked birds lay green/dark green eggs. The chicks are fat little handfuls with adorable, puffy cheeks and will be 100% blue! Sexing the chicks at hatch is easy: the males have a white dot on their head and the females are solid blue. As adults the birds will range from very...
  4. Ayam Cemani

    Ayam Cemani

    Mystical, unusual, rare and shrouded in mystery, the Ayam Cemani breed is hard to ignore, or forget, once seen in the flesh. The word "Cemani" means "total black" and best describes this unusual breed that is rumoured to be black as tar right down to it's organs! Pure Cemanis sport black combs...
  5. Svart Hona

    Svart Hona

    The Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hen) is a Fibromelanistic breed meaning their bones, meat, eyes, comb, legs, and feathers are solid black. There are other breeds that have the fibromelanistic gene which makes them all or mostly black, but the Swedish Black Hen is known as the blackest breed in the...
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