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    Ridgway Hatchery Ohio Araucanas

    Saw Araucana pullets on a order form at our local feed store. I've bought RIRs years ago through them and they were excellent birds, heavy layers. Now I see Araucana pullets on their order form, they are labeled as rumples, no tail, ear tufts $2.75ea and no cost for shipping. I've always heard...
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    What are you drinking?

    This is a thread for those who love to drink, and or brew their own. Beer, wine, spirits. Recipes are welcome, whether it be for your favorite home brew beer or homemade wine or food, and favorite pairings. Myself I love beer and have been a home brewer for eleven years. My favorite pairing is...
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    how long do golden laced chickens live for.

    i love my golden laced chicken pip and I REALLY want to knew how long they live.
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    Mystery hen

    I bought the Meyers " Leanns adoot me" mystery chicks and am not sure exactly what this hen is. My best guess is a poor example of a hatchery golden campine? What do you guys think?
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