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  1. msiler

    Silkie Stickers!

    Hey Silkie Lovers! If you are needing a last minute Christmas gift, or just want to "surprise" yourself, I make these fun vinyl Silkie stickers! They come in 5 different shapes (including bearded silkies and showgirls!), 5 different colors, and as small as 2" all the way up to 7"! They go just...
  2. msiler

    ISO Bantam Mottled Cochin Hatching Eggs

    ISO bantam mottled cochin hatching eggs. I would be looking for about a dozen, but I would take more or less depending on what you have! If you know of any breeders, send them this way as well. Thanks!
  3. msiler

    Mottled Cochin Bantam Breeders

    I am looking for any breeders that sell mottled Cochin bantams! I would like to purchase hatching eggs. If you do this yourself, or know of anyone, send them my way!
  4. msiler

    What in the world happened to this chicken? *Pictures*

    We walked out to the coop today to find our white Easter Egger dead. There were no signs of struggle, but it did look like the work of a predator! Here are all the details and pictures so maybe we can figure out what it could have been... NOTE: Please do not scroll if you are sensitive to...
  5. msiler

    Lavender gene in Silkies... new project?

    I have just a few questions on the lavender gene in Silkies before I go ahead and jump on the lavender bandwagon! 1) Lavender is a diluting gene. Is it over a black bird or a partridge bird? EE or e^b/e^b? 2) If it is over a black bird, which I believe it is, could you have a lavender bird...
  6. msiler

    Humidty Won't Increase in Brinsea Mini Advance!

    I am in lockdown now for 3 chicken eggs with my Brinsea Mini Advance 2 incubator, and guess what? Just like last time, humidity will not increase beyond 40%!!!!!! They are set to hatch on Tuesday. If I lose these chicks I am going to be beyond irritated. I know both chamber pots are filled to...
  7. msiler

    Experiences with Incuview Incubator?

    Hey all! I am thinking of getting a larger incubator from my mini Brinsea, what are your experiences with the Incuview Incubator? Thanks!
  8. msiler

    Best broody breed?

    Maybe I'm trying to find a unicorn chicken breed, but here is what I am looking for! Not just any old broody breed... - Lay eggs that aren't cream/tinted colors - Have a natural tendency to go broody - Lay lots of eggs when they aren't broody (The first two categories are 100% necessary, the...
  9. msiler

    Folded under toe: Genetic or Incubation Problem?

    I have a quick question for you all! I have a Silkie that on his left foot, the outermost toe is curled under the other two, so that he walks on top of it. It doesn't effect him at all, but I just need to know if the problem is in his genes or did it happen in incubation or something? I am...
  10. msiler

    Silver gene on black Silkie?

    I had 3 eggs under a broody hen, and one hatched! It is my first time hatching any babies, and I am very excited, even if only one hatched and he/she does seem fairly weak. The baby comes from a black dad and a grey (silver partridge) mom, and it hatched black but with a silver tint to lots...
  11. msiler

    Strange neck balding on Silkie!

    Well, I just got back from a 9 day vacation. Someone was living at the house, taking care of all the animals and the chickens. I just got back about an hour ago and went to go see the chickens. Everyone looks great! EXCEPT for this little silkie hen... What is up with her weird balding??? There...
  12. msiler

    Handome Silkie Roosters in Oregon

    Located in Southern Oregon! Bobbi Porto stock Silkie rooster in white and splash.
  13. msiler

    Gender on these White Silkies?

    In March, we got 11 chicks from Bobbi Porto in Florida! They are now 16 weeks old as of tomorrow. Any opinions on who are boys and who are girls? I am a novice in judging the higher-quality ones, so my guesses are probably all wrong! :confused: The Poll is just for fun. Which of the 4 White...
  14. msiler

    Gender on these Blue, Black, and Splash Silkies?

    Hello! This is part of our order of 11 chicks from Bobbi Porto back in March. Tomorrow they turn 16 weeks old! Any idea on if they are boys or girls? I have a feeling that we go unlucky and got mostly boys... but I will leave it to the experts to decide. The poll is just for fun, which Silkie...
  15. msiler

    What are your Favorite/dream Silkie Crosses?

    What is everyones favorite Silkie cross that they have owned or bred? Share pictures! Or if you haven't bred or owned one, what is your dream cross?? Mine is a Silkie rooster over a Light Brahma hen. The rooster is black, and I am gathering eggs for the incubator soon. I will cross the chicks...
  16. msiler

    Should I give up on this egg? *Pictures*

    Ok so, I have had a lot of trouble with my incubator but long story short I got the egg to lockdown, it was moving before I locked down. Now today is approaching the end of Day 24 and I have seen no pip. -How do you tell if it has pipped internally? I have had to open the incubator a couple...
  17. msiler

    Need help! 4 days left, and incubator dropped temp!!

    Hi! I was gone for about 24 hours this weekend, but I had someone coming by to check on the incubator. When I got home tonight, my Brinsea Mini Advance 2 was setting off an alarm for low temp. It was showing 91.5°F. My guess is that it has been like that for at least 6 or 7 hours... dropping...
  18. msiler

    The Road to Silkie Paradise!

    I plan on updating often, all through my Silkie chickens lives! Always, I have wanted to breed Silkie chickens, not for show, but show quality chickens for my own enjoyment and for others! I currently have 3 Hatchery hens, and a breeding quality black Silkie rooster. 2 weeks ago, I ordered 7...
  19. msiler

    Rules for Breeding Blue/Black/Splash Silkies?

    Hello! I have month old Silkie chicks coming this week: 2 black, 2 splash, and 3 Blue. They are from show quality lines. Of course, I won't know genders until 5 months from now, but if I happen to get 1 of each color rooster, and all are breeding quality, I will need to decide which one to keep...
  20. msiler

    What was in this egg???

    Just for fun to test out the new incubator we put in some chicken eggs! Today was Day 6 and we hadn't noticed any of the proper veining, so we decided to crack them open. This was the first of 3 and the only one that I think may have been fertile... but we found something weird inside! Is it an...
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