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  1. michelle1017

    Need some votes

    One of the boys on my son's high school football team has been nominated player of the week this week. He is an awesome kid and has really had a good season so far. If you have time, please cast a vote for him. He is a small school boy, Dalton Preston-Trenton. Thanks...
  2. michelle1017


    I am sitting here at the radio station at 2am covering severe weather.
  3. michelle1017

    Can anyone offer any turtle help? Pics Added!

    We were given 3 turtles, 2 aquatic and one box. I agreed on the condition of getting a crash course on how to care for them before we brought them home. Turns out the person we got them from really didn't know anything about them either. Now I am needing some help on caring for them. I have tons...
  4. michelle1017

    Nester in the Holiday Spirit

    Just wanted to share a photo of my son and his goose Nester! Merry Christmas!
  5. michelle1017

    Our rescue dog--Thunder

    I work beside a bank that is on the busiest corner of our town. In August, my friend who works across the street calls me and says there is a dog that jumped out of a vehicle at the bank and is running loose and she was afraid it would get hit. Well, the bosses wife and I go out and try to...
  6. michelle1017

    Need some advice on restitution please

    Okay guys, my first time posting in this section and first predator problem. I will give a bit of background, but I really just need help on figuring restitution, not a lecture on birds/dogs, etc. Thanks in advance! I get a call from my 16 year old son at work today telling me he is calling the...
  7. michelle1017

    When will they arrive?

    I am new here, so please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong place. This may have been asked a million times before and there isn't a definite answer and after reading about Cackle Hatchery, I am a little concerned, but I have chicks coming from there this week. My cousin runs a Farm &...
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