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    White Brahmas?

    I bought some chicks a few weeks ago from someone local. They were supposed to be buff laced brahmas. Two I sold and four I kept. Of the four, one is developing buff lacing, but the others are feathering in pure white. They look like Brahmas othwerwise... any insight welcome.
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    logged out, can't log in

    I am posting for a friend. She logged out, and can't remember what email she needs to retrieve her password reset from. What should she do?
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    ANOTHER reason why chickens ROCK!!

    A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the co...ver and lit his lighter; the vapors ignited and engulfed him He jumped from his truck, screaming. His neighbor came out of her house...
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    A mare on Facebook could use a few votes, if you got a minute, please?

    If you have a minute, my friend is trying to win a breeding to a GORGEOUS fresian stallion, Teake van de Noordhof. Go to his page on FB, and click Like.!/TeakevandeNoordhof Then go to the mares contest album, click through the different mares trying...
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    Vote for Pedro!!!

    Vote for Pedro! If he wins, B.A.R.K. shelter gets $5k, and I get a $500 gift card to Petsmart!!! Go to Petfinder page, and use the search window by "See the Lucky Pets" and type in Pedro. Vote every day, PLEAAASSEE!!!???
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    Insufficient Permissions

    Tried uploading a photo yesterday, and again today. I keep getting an "Insufficient Permissions" message. I used the submit form to contact an admin yesterday, but no answer. Not sure if I am blocked, or if it is a system glitch. Thanks for any help.
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    GORGEOUS Blue and Splash Orpington cockerels

    We have about a half dozen or so to choose from. The father was a splash, pure English Orpington. The hens were blues and blacks from BamaChicken and imogene, very nice hens. If you are looking for very fancy orpington roosters from show stock to upgrade your flock with, here they are. All were...
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    Really unique colored Fischer lovebird... REALLY odd...

    Okay, normally I'd just say this is a fluke, a chimera, two yolks fertilized in one egg, and the two became one bird, like when you mix two colors of Play Doh and wad them up into one shape. Except there was another bi-colored bird in this cage for several years, I kept him hoping for crazy to...
  9. onthespot

    What color is she?

    Hi, I raised this duck for a friend, and I don't know what color to call her.
  10. onthespot

    Man! Is this mare huge or WHAT!!!???

    This is my friend Karen's arabian mare, due to foal any day now. I am not sure if I have ever seen one so HUGE in the belly before foaling!. She has put up her foaling web cams in the barn, and has several other miniatures that are due this spring, and one gorgeous Saanen goat! Check her out...
  11. onthespot

    Turkey vs German Shephard CUTE!!!!!
  12. onthespot

    Large Blue Orpington Pullets, SoCA, non NPIP prefer local pickup

    I have about fifteen blue and black orp pullets to choose from, mostly blues. 3/4 English Import line, or more. Hatched this spring out of Bama Chicken's direct hatch hens, and the roo is from imogene who used to post here. They are nearing point of lay, or just started laying. Some are big...
  13. onthespot

    Nice black silkie rooster, BLACK down.

    Fancy, good looking, good with two other cockerels sharing his 6x6 pen with a half dozen hens. His down is DARK black. He has a walnut comb, feathered feet, and produces very nice topknots and good type on his babies. Prefer local pickup, but I suppose I could ship him if someone needed him...
  14. onthespot

    Look what fledged today!

    I was totally shocked to see this baby's color. Violet is rare, and recessive trait in Fischer Lovebirds. Didn't know my birds carried it. I'm working on blue pied fischer, would LOVE to make Violet Pied fischers!!! Woot! Total bonus color!
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    Are you ready for a new addiction? PIXOTO!!!!!

    My sister just clued me in to Pixoto. It is an image duel site. You judge other people's photos, tournament style, and upload your own. You never get to judge your own photos against someone else's, just other peoples'. We need more POULTRY pics up there, folks! Just add .com after the Pixoto...
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    HEAVY DUTY Exotic Animal enclosure

    I have two pens, 8' x 20' HEAVY DUTY chain link panels. They used to be part of the Norco Wild Animal Training Center, and held bears, large cats. I have a total of six 20' panels. One has a gate. I have one 8' square end gate, one 8' square end panel and "pieces" to close over the other two...
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    What genes do you suppose contribute to this color?

    It is an unexpected variation that came out of my barred olive egger breeding pen.
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    It says my inbox is full

    But I deleted all my inbox and sent till there are only two pages and it still says my inbox is full.
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    Okay, this cat is fired....

    Turn down your volume, because the video has loud music that is annoying.
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    The Deformed Chicken thread

    I just thought I would start a thread where people could post pics and share stories of their "unusually formed' birds. This is an orpington cockerel that has no butt. His back seems to just stop short and drop off. He has ponty pelvic bones in the back, and an anus and he can poop okay, but he...
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