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  1. Cheryl

    Possible makeover of U.S. egg industry

    I just got this from the Humane Society. The organization and the United Egg Producers announced an agreement which could result in a complete makeover of the U.S. egg industry.
  2. Cheryl

    Finally a green egg!

    I got my 2 ees at one of the Milford NH Chicken swaps last June and finally they are laying!!! What fun to see that strange color!
  3. Cheryl

    Flopping around

    That is pretty much all I can say, 1 1/2 year old bantam cochin, really isn't moving much, more like dragging herself if necessary. I put her into a small pen, next to water and food and she is both eating and drinking, but still not moving. I put her inside the coop at dark, she was still...
  4. Cheryl

    Incubator assistance please

    Hi, I just brought back 4 eggs from Sweden, they were laid on Saturday, my bantams who have been broody all summer, have quit!!! Can someone lead me to Ms Prissy's incubator plans, I have some fast work ahead of me!!! OR some quick directions so I can run out to the hardware store! Anyone else...
  5. Cheryl


    Can anyone suggest a "good" product to use for flies, I have way too many and they are coming into my house!!! While picking blueberries today, someone mentioned something to feed chickens that would help? Since I wasn't part of the conversation, just listening from afar, I didn't want to...
  6. Cheryl

    Boston Terrier Returned!

    We are close to ready to getting a new dog, Chickn has convinced me that a pug is out, the DH is also considering a Boston Terrier and I think they are great little dogs!!! So I would love to hear your opinions.
  7. Cheryl

    lost our silkie

    Came home today to find feathers all over the yard, of course I recognized them as our "Silk." I found her ripped apart in the corner of the yard, but it seemed as though nothing was missing? Never had a problem and have no idea what got her, she was such a cutie!
  8. Cheryl

    When and how do I remove "mom?"

    My cochin is sitting on her last egg out of 4 that I got from chickn (I don't have a roo) The other three were destroyed by the ? "jeolous" chickens!!! Two of which were feathered, with only 4 days left!!! So I am going to hopefully pick up a few chicks to sneak under her and but I want to move...
  9. Cheryl

    43 eggs and one trip to the ER

    I think this is the right place to post this? I lost my silkie last night, found her under the deck/porch, she wouldn't come out, so I (nervously) left her for the night. But looking around with a flashlight I counted 22 eggs under there in about 3 different piles and no way at the time to get...
  10. Cheryl

    Help for my chicken please

    My son just went out to close in the girls for the evening, he came in and our silkie was missing. So out we go with flashlights, can't find her anywhere! I pull out the 12' step that leads to my porch, and about 8 feet in is my girl....look around and I can count 22 eggs!!!! Well, I guess...
  11. Cheryl

    chickencoops" in the news!

    My brother just sent this to me, it comes from Penn.
  12. Cheryl

    Anyone know a pug breeder?

    We are contemplating getting a pug in the spring/summer. Does anyone have any experience with them? good or bad...I am looking for a reliable breeder and of course it would be nice if I they could be within driving distance of NH, but a summer road trip wouldn't be out of the question!
  13. Cheryl

    The great escape!

    I came home today to discover 4 of my girls had escaped!!! The sliding door has a few inches of space and the ones that could squeezed through! They are bored silly and have all started plucking my glw! Now that ground is exposed, they want out!!! I have never seen a hawk, there are no...
  14. Cheryl

    my dog has cancer...

    Our dog Rusty starting going lame several weeks ago, the vet thought it was ligament damage and we got anti-inflammatory drugs. Today Rusty had an x-ray and we were told he has cancer in one of his rear knees. (Canine Osteosarcoma) Has anyone gone through this? What treatment did you decide...
  15. Cheryl

    Host a foreign exchange student!

    I'm usually chicken obsessed like everyone else around here, but I thought I would make an unusual plug!!! My family is hosting our 4th exchange student this year and I am hoping to convince others to do the same. There are lots of arguments as to why people can't, but most can be changed...
  16. Cheryl

    Snow entertaining...

    We have over a foot of snow in our yard, so knowing the girls don't care for it, I didn't bother letting them out of the covered coop area. So yesterday I opened it up to change the water and 3 decided to fly out, they went their usual 10-15 feet and then sank!!!! What a riot, all three just...
  17. Cheryl

    2 free RIR in southern NH

    This comes from a friend of mine who needs to place her girls to a good home! I just got 3 on Sunday and have no more room! I will send you her email if you are interested. thank you I was wondering if you could help me place my 2 Rhode Island red hens in a good home.Just 2 chickens. I don't...
  18. Cheryl

    Is there a nurse in the house?

    My chicken has bumble foot, I am getting a liquid prescription for cephalexin from a friend (pediatrician) Does any one know what the equivalent would be for the capsule in liquid form! Additionally what is probiotic and where might I purchase it? Cephalexin capsules work well in soft tissue and...
  19. Cheryl

    Need bumble foot help!

    My rir is just about one year foot is swollen, warm and a bit pink!
  20. Cheryl


    Peter Rabbit is getting the boot! Has anyone seen this yet? One horse left in the town and they just can't wait?!!! Seems crazy to me!
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