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  1. Anisa67

    Are these pullets or Roos

    You will have to excuse my chicken talk as I am still learning the lingo. I need to find out if these gals are roos. I have a polish tolbunt who is one month old on 6/2 and a silver laced Wyandotte who was born on 5/9. Can anyone tell me if these are roos or not? I can’t keep them if they are...
  2. Anisa67

    Questions on baby chicks, new momma here.

    I am new new to backyard chickens and have a Porcelain Polish tolbunt and a buff laced polish that were born on 5/8/18. I also have six other chicks. I’ve notice that these last few days the two polish kind of pick and fly over each other. I am unsure if they are roosters or hens. I still have...
  3. Anisa67

    Future Chicken Mommy Doing Research

    Hi everyone! While doing my backyard chicken research I found this website and very happy I did. I have learned a lot and have made a decision on a few chickens already but still concerned about the breeds I'm choosing getting along. I plan on getting four to five of them (and hopefully adding...
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