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  1. Opa

    Feb 2nd It's Highlander's 27th birthday........................Again.

    On February 2nd Vicki, our dear Highlander will be celebrating her 27th birthday. While it is true she has done this for several years, it is also true that with each year my cyber daughter becomes more beautiful. Join me in wishing her the best one ever.
  2. Opa

    Opa's Recirculating Smoker

    One of the oldest methods for preserving meat, fish, and fowl is smoking. Learning how to properly brine and having the proper equipment can greatly improve your success in bring a properly cured and smoked product to your table. I’ve been smoking various food items for over 40 years and have...
  3. Opa

    AUCTION Cathedral Window Quilt

    This auction is for a multi-colored Cathedral Window Quilt. It measures 82"x96" and contains 525 blocks consisting of 1050 individually sewn pieces. There is a very slight color variation of the muslin backing that is not visible from the front. Literally hundreds of hours went in to this...
  4. Opa

    Michigan Chickenstock 2012

    Michigan Chickenstock 2012 June 23 10am-3pm Delta Mills Park 6841 Old River Trail Lansing, MI 48917 Each year our event has grown in size and I expect this year will be no exception. I will be updating this thread as more information becomes available. , DIRECTIONS...
  5. Opa

    Ranchie, a dear heart is lost.

    BYC just became a lot smaller today. Sadly, this morning Sally Baldwin, BYC's very own Ranchhand has gone to that great chicken coop in the sky. While she had suffered for a number of years with debilitating arthritis she was still a veritable ball of fire. She had a zest for life that was...
  6. Opa

    Need plant ID quick

    We have a plant that has done beautifully outdoors. The tag said that it will overwinter indoors but I've lost the tag, forgotten what it said, and Hope's gone to kill me since I told her don't worry about the tag, I'll remember. vining type plant with 4" leaves...
  7. Opa

    Upload problem- animated gifs

    Can't figure out why I have trouble uploading animated gifs. Some times they will load okay but most often not. Anyone else experience this or know how to get them to load?
  8. Opa

    Problem with animated files

    I curious if anyone else has problems loading animated GIFs. Many times I will load a file only to discover the animation feature will not work. I delete the file and reload and sometime it will load and work properly. Any suggestions?
  9. Opa

    Memorial Day Holiday Weekend

    This is a long weekend for many folks. Some will go visit relatives, others go to the beach, while others have cookouts. This weekend has become a time of relaxation. What every you decide to do this weekend I hope all of you take a few moments and think about the original reason for Memorial...
  10. Opa

    Yes Ma'am No Sir

    Yes Ma'am I know that some women take offense and being called ma'am. They claim that it's for "old" ladies and calling them ma'am is disrespectful. I however, wish that yes sir and no ma'am were heard more often. Both Sir and Ma'am are a polite form of address. I even find the usage of...
  11. Opa

    Strange egg

    Anyone ever gotten an egg like this? A tube protruded from the large end of the egg. The shell was completely hard with the exception of a small soft spot on the large end where the tube was attached. When we broke the egg it contained several large blood spots.
  12. Opa

    Michigan Chickenstock 2011

    It's a known fact that some things can become habit forming and Chickenstock is one of them. It's a great opportunity to meet like minded folks who won't look at you like you've lost your mind when you want start talking about chickens. This year it will be held again on Saturday June 25th...
  13. Opa

    Probiotics and chickens

    I'm curious if anyone else treats their flock with probiotics? My oldest son works for Royal Canin dog food. They are one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world and do a tremendous amount of research of developing feeds to improve your pets overall health. Probiotics play an...
  14. Opa

    Opa's place -Where an old rooster visits with friends

    I removed myself from the Castle thread because trying to maintain the theme was becoming increasingly difficult. All of those th's being added to the words was resulting in my receiving a spit bath every time some spoke. All who participated in that thread have become very dear to me and I...
  15. Opa

    Helping others

    I know a lot of you know a lot of things, I even know one or two myself. I would like to suggest that we all try to share that knowledge. I try to take a few moments before signing off to peruse the unanswered posts to see if I can help. Come people share what you know.
  16. Opa

    Find posts from favorite members

    Do you have people whose posts you like to read? Someone you find funny? Or someone who posts you have learned alot from? Trying to read every thread becomes mind boggling so you miss some of their posts. I discovered that I can add those valued people to my buddy list. Then ocassionally I...
  17. Opa

    Valentine Day presents- What to avoid

    All the shows on tv this morning have featured alot of stuff about Valentine Day. I though it might be helpful if guys had an idea of what presents they should avoid giving. Far to often a gift can be given with the best of intentions but due to the sometimes unfathomable feminine mystique...
  18. Opa

    Need new site tool

    Being able to make multiple deletes from the uploads would certainly be a handy time saving feature. Also having "my posts " in the top line would also be nice
  19. Opa

    Micro egg?

    This is the 2nd time in the last month that I have found one of these little "micro" eggs from my large fowl flock. The first I found outdoors in the run and placed it just outside the run while I filled the feeder and waterer. When I finished I couldn't find the egg in the snow. Today I...
  20. Opa

    New rollout nest design Picture heavy-edited 1/21

    Many of you have gotten my plans for a 2 unit rollout nest box and I have talked with several others about how to modify the plan to make it even larger. I have been using a box that has 6 nests and for the past year it has worked beautifully. Recently I have noticed several birds trying to...
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