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  1. Garage Coop And Outside Run

    Garage Coop And Outside Run

    This is our unfinished coop that is located inside our garage and the run, which is on the side of the house. The coop will be 100% insulated when finished. The coop is 12x4x8. Excuse the mess, as this use to be a storage area. Our garage extends an extra 8 feet back for extra storage, so...
  2. Random Chick Pictures

    Random Chick Pictures

    Mille Fleur 10 weeks old Waiting impatiently for the rain to pass Sunshine acting as if she is a model and showing off her feathers Hanging out inside the house with the temps at 105 outside. They are very good girls. Very quiet and they stayed in the kitchen. I had to disinfect the...
  3. Nicole01s Page

    Nicole01s Page

    Hello. My name is Nicole and I'm a disabled SAHM of 3 beautiful girls, 2 dogs, 8 chicks, 4 cats, and 2 hamsters. I broke my neck in 2008 playing monster with my kids. I still have major pain issues and I live a very limited lifestyle. Which was very hard to adjust to as I use to be a runner and...
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