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  1. Athena116699

    I need to cull a pet. ideas?

    I bought chicks last year and one was a rooster. He has become very aggressive toward me. Flogs me every time he sees me. He is also tearing up my girls. One lady has lost her feathers to get skin. but the flogging is getting worse. Either some one can come get him (which I would rather) or...
  2. Athena116699

    Hockey Stick

    Funny I though I was the only one that uses a hocky stick. works great all I do is pick it up and the girls go home.
  3. Athena116699

    Looking for Buff Orpingtons

    I bought them from Heartland Hatchery
  4. Athena116699

    calling any one from missouri

    Hello I'm in Amsterdam Missouri very close to lake lacygne ks. I don't drive but very much want to get a couple buff orpingtons and black jersey giants. They have to be hens. Any help much appreciated. Thank you
  5. Athena116699

    When will they start laying?

    Even in the winter? It's starting to get cold here in MO.
  6. Athena116699

    Amsterdam Mo and I need Buff Orpington hens!!

    Hello I have one Buff Orpington and he turns out to be a roo...Please, I have no idea where to get a couple Buff Orp hens. I wanted only need for a roo because I'm a beginner...I love them. I also have two rir and two wyandottes..and one golden comet...I would love to have a couple...
  7. Athena116699

    When will they start laying?

    Hello I have a mixed flock; two RIR, two Wyandottes, one Golden Comet and I think my Buff Orp is a question...about when will these guys start laying? They are almost 16 weeks now. Thank you
  8. Athena116699

    Love My Chicken Adventure

    Ok Ma and Pa Kettle (The Egg and I) got me I wanted chickens, so I studied, and studied and and studied...for months, close to a year. Trying to find which Chicken would be right for me. My husband and I rented a small farm. He still has to drive about an hour and half to work...
  9. Athena116699

    calling any one from missouri

    So Cool! I had some friends that went to Sweenie (hope I spelled that right). I went to Norman. Lived on Madison and Valentine. Funny seeing someone from home here on BYC.
  10. Athena116699

    Baby Chick Pictures!!!!! POST!

    Oh how adorable....I want one....lucky !!
  11. Athena116699

    Looking for Buff Orpingtons

    Hello I am new at this so please forgive me if I sound weird. I have a small flock, a couple Wyandottes, Rhode Island Reds one Golden Comet and one Buff Orpington. Problem is my Buff is a male and I originally wanted a flock of I don't even have one hen. I didn't plan on keeping any...
  12. Athena116699


    thank you
  13. Athena116699

    roo or

    These are all pullets? my slw looks just like that one. thank you
  14. Athena116699


    Are you able to post a video on here? and how is it done? I tried to post a video using the little video icon at the top...but it didn't work. Thank you
  15. Athena116699

    roo or

    Hello I have rir, wyandotte...slw and golden laced, a golden comet and a buff orpington...I would love to see pictures of male and female of these breeds...I have a lot to learn and seeing pictures would really help. My babies are only 10 weeks old now, but starting to show differences and...
  16. Athena116699

    Roo and flock

    Thank you so much... I love my buff orpington and want to get some hens....but if he's the only roo..that makes me happy...His name was Guinevere..but I've been calling him Glennie...he acts like a roo too, very determined and bossy when he wants his way...and steals all the others grasshoppers.
  17. Athena116699

    Step-to-Step Guide on How To Upload Pictures onto the BYC Forum:

    Can I upload a video?? Want to post a video of my growing flock...
  18. Athena116699

    Roo and flock

    Hello babies are 9 weeks old now. I still need to know which are hens and which are roos. I am only keeping hens...and I love them all so much...Please help!! I am posting pics and one video...any feedback will be tremendously helpful. Thank you... sorry about the double...
  19. Athena116699

    Can I mix baby chicks

    My babies are a little over three weeks now. I would also like to ask ...I heard wasp don't fly at night, we could knock down the wasp nest at night and stomp them? The coop is full of wasp nest. The girl that is renting us our home had 37 chickens in there and she said they just eat them. I...
  20. Athena116699

    Feed and grit

    Thank you. I've been pretty much free feeding them the chick starter..and...put a hand full of grit in the food for them...but didn't know if it should be at every time I fill their dish or just once...Thank you
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