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  1. Lilychick

    Anyone have Polish in Cold Climate?

    Hi, I'm thinking about a golden polish but I read that they're not cold-hardy. Does this mean I shouldn't have one here in MA, or that I should just take special care in winter. How much cold can they stand? Thanks. Lily
  2. Lilychick

    Happy Three Kings Day!

    The Magi Visited The Coop! Can I Help You? Okajima Got a Little Too Excited About the Frankincense. Oops! Happy Three Kings Day!
  3. Lilychick

    Chickens quacking like ducks?

    Should I be worried? My girls are 9 weeks old three of them (RIR, Red Star, EE) are starting to make these noises that sound like my kids when they had croup - or like a crow, or a duck. Basically it sounds like, "quack quack quack". Then they go back to peeping. Is this normal, or could...
  4. Lilychick

    My Ladies on Thanksgiving

    Giving Thanks for Yogurt and Grower Crumbles: After dessert, Cuddly the Cat and Speedy the Chicken talk politics:
  5. Lilychick

    Introducing My Chickies

    Hi, I just want to introduce my new girls. They have replaced my two beautiful roosters who left for "the farm". (I Hope I didn't make these too big - please tell me if I did). Dominique - She's a Dominique: Telly Monster (Silver-laced Wyandotte): Okajima - Red Sox Relief Pitcher and...
  6. Lilychick

    Is Ginger a roo?

    Hi. I'm new around here. I fell in chickenlove when my DS brought these two home from school in May. They are about 18 weeks old. The white one (Magic Marker Head) has been crowing - loudly - for about a month now and I've accepted that he's a rooster. The brown one (Ginger), seems to be...
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