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  1. lindalouly

    Just a big thank you.

    Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone on this thread for making it an amazing experience for me... I have met so many interesting people. I have met new friends and mentors... My birds are living a happy and healthy life because of all of you... there are so many that have impacted...
  2. lindalouly

    Prayers sent to France.

    My thoughts and prayers to all of France and our friends in Paris.
  3. lindalouly

    Not super new but never did the intro.

    Hi everyone. My chickens have saved my life. In the midst of sickness, I picked up a backyard chicken magazine at the store to read as I wait for doctors apts. and battle being bed bound. I was so intrigued by this idea of raising a backyard flock and raising your own eggs... I put my focus into...
  4. lindalouly

    Just sharing

    I made some corn bread today and notice my eggs are finally fertilized... Ohhhh how I wish I had an incubator!!!!!!! Maybe by some off chance one of my hens will want to be a mamma!!!! Fingers crossed!!!
  5. lindalouly

    What TV show

    what TV show is "Day man, ohhhhhh, fighter of the night man, owwwohhhhhhh, champion of the sun... Master of karate and friendship for everyone."
  6. lindalouly

    Poopy feathers

    i have a 24 week New Hampshire red that is part of a nine bird flock. She started laying at 20 weeks. The only one...she layed about three eggs a week with a few soft shells in between. Her feathery bottom is always a mess... I trimmed her feathers but I think I lack skill as a barber and she...
  7. lindalouly

    Advise to mend a wattle

    just went outside to feed my birds and I have a 23 week old white jersey giant that is bleeding and has a torn wattle... Don't know what happened. How do I tend to this wound??
  8. lindalouly

    Reptile calcium

    just curios... Not gonna do it.... But I have a jar of repticalcium I sprinkle on my tortoises food on the occasion... I have yet had a need for calcium for my chickens but do you think they could eat the same supplement sprinkled on feed if there were a need?
  9. lindalouly

    Ding dong over fed treats

    im just going to vent for a bit then I will be all all better. Went out this morning to feed the chickens... I mix feed with water and sometimes yogurt on the occasion... Usually when I walk out they come running to me to eat their food.... Today nothing... I thought wow that is strange... They...
  10. lindalouly

    Question about minorcas

    I read an article that said that black minorcas show they are egg laying age when their comb falls over and if the comb stand straight that it is a rooster. I have a 22 week old Minorca with a good sized comb but it is straight. She does not show signs of being a rooster but she also doesn't act...
  11. lindalouly

    Making the most of it.

    Im just a small town girl. (Now who read that to the tune of don't stop believing??! Lol) no but seriously, a small town girl living an extraordinary life with four boy children (6-16) two dogs Oly Girl (pit bull) and Rocco ( chimixedmutt) and my two very lazy tortoises and my beloved 8 pullets...
  12. lindalouly

    Chicken dogs

    My number one chicken protector is slacking in her job!!!!!
  13. lindalouly

    Just curios

    how long after your hen made her nest and was submissive did she start laying eggs?
  14. lindalouly

    Suggestions please

    So I messed up the other day and let the lady at the feed store talk me into a huge bag of all purpose feed.... I have a mixed range of ages.. The girls will not eat it. I usually just buy grower feed but she said that the older girls needed the stuff in the all purpose feed.. I'm to poor to...
  15. lindalouly

    When do they get the red waddle and crown

    I have two 20week old white jersey Giants... Two 20 week old New Hampshire reds and I 20 week old Minorca... The Minorca is getting red but the crown doesn't seem to be growing and the others all have really light waddles and stuff.... Thought that they should be further along.
  16. lindalouly

    Uneducated rooster owner

    I got 9 birds from a local farm store of what were presexed hens... Knowing that this is not always accurate we now have a 12 week old rooster Delaware breed.. He hasn't been super aggressive as of yet and is the low man in the pecking order but he is getting big and pecked me so hard he pulled...
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