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  1. robcam817

    New Momma and first babies

    Hello All, Raised my first flock from day old mail orders from McMurray. Now one of my Hens is a new momma. I have no idea what, (if anything) I need to do for the new chicks. Will she take care of them, do I need to do anything etc...? I tried searching the site but didn't find what I...
  2. robcam817

    Half my flock decimated...;-(

    Raised those girls from day old....;-( They free range during the day. Came home yesterday to find 1 mostly eaten carcass in the drive and 4 of the other hens are MIA. Dogs, coyotes, who knows.... I'm left with 2 Roosters and 4 Hens, (Black Australorps). Called McMurray hatchery today and...
  3. robcam817

    Neurological disorders?

    Anyone know if chickens have neurological disorders? I have one, (3 1/2 weeks old) that can't seem to keep it's balance. It sits quite a bit with it's legs almost straight out in front. When it stands, it wobbles backwards trying to regain it's balance. It's eating/drinking and growing along...
  4. robcam817

    Industrial Hemp as brooder bedding?

    Can Industrial Hemp be used to line a brooder bed? I'm going to use it in the coop so thought I'd just start them on it right out of the gate. Any known issues with chicks? -rob
  5. robcam817

    Looking to raise chickens and build first coop

    Looking to raise 12-24 egg layers here in NW Montana on 5 acres. Doing lots of research on birds and buildings. I work from home so have plenty of time to devote. It's just myself and the wife, (and 2 rambunctious rotten rotties...;-). I suspect I'll need to teach them not to hunt/kill/eat...
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