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  1. noodles

    chickens have worms

    I need to know what to do.. one pooped and i noticed the worm squirming there.. I can deworm a dog, but never done a chicken before...
  2. noodles

    large knot on the foot

    I don't know what it is, i am thinking bumble foot.. let me know what you need to know, so i can get you info... I know it is sore, and she limps, but no loss in appetite, or egg production...
  3. noodles

    blood in the egg

    i cracked an egg the other day and there was a coupla blood spots in it, what could that be?? it was a FRESH egg laid just that morning. I can't see where i could have been fertilized because i don't have any roos.. unless the dog snuck in there....
  4. noodles

    hoping not eggbound

    ok, my chickens finally laid day before yesterday i got 2 eggs, then yesterday i got 1 egg, we saw her lay, and i was curious if the one that laid the other day could be egg bound, i guess what i need to know is how to check them for it, i felt under their belies and the br felt kinda weird...
  5. noodles

    2 free Barred Rock Roosters

    I have 2 Barred Rock roosters for free. We have 6 hens and just want the eggs to eat and we are not interested in hatching. My wife will not eat the eggs as long as a rooster is in with the hens. lol They are very healthy and very well taken care of. I am located in Madison, Alabama. The...
  6. noodles

    free chickens i found on craigslist huntsville alabama
  7. noodles

    want to get meat birds

    I want to get some meat birds like cornish X but i don't want 25 of them, is there anywhere i could get 10 or less???
  8. noodles

    coop floor

    ok, my chickens have a hard wood floor.. I was curious if i HAVE to put hay or whatever in there or can i just leave it naked and let them poo everywhere.. I know i would have to clean it more often, but i want the poo and not the hay.. and i can't invent a hay-poop separator
  9. noodles

    worming question

    my chickens are about 15 weeks, and are doing great. nothing that i see as a problem. do i need to give them wormer though as a preventitive???
  10. noodles

    hens or roos?

    this one i think is a hen this one i have no idea and this one
  11. noodles

    free to good home huntsville alabama

    I have a chick that is about 3 weeks old it is i believe a NN EE cross.. I cannot get this guy to get into the coop with the other.. it is being picked on, but it wants so bad to be with them... i have it in the same pen, but it is seperated, an it keeps escaping into the big kids part and...
  12. noodles

    Fun little chicken Game
  13. noodles

    cute place to do some trading

    Ya'll should check this out cute place to do some trading of things if you like it and sign up please use the referral code: 2KBLN9 Noodles
  14. noodles

    huntville, alabama

    need i say more?
  15. noodles

    Something I haven't seen on the site.

    I have not found a spot where you have a list of sites that you or others use to get supplies and such. I learn a great deal on this site till it come to the part of looking up prices of things and everything. I am so afraid of buying birds from the wrong site and not getting what i ordered and...
  16. noodles

    New to chickens.

    I am looking to building me a coop. I have gotten an idea from some other sites, so I know what i am gonna build. My problem is my wife isn't too keen on the plan, but I figured if i make sure i get some hens that lay white eggs, I would be in a little better shape. I know leghorns produce white...
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