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  1. Bethend

    Homes needed for 3month Rhystud cockerels in Wales

    Three handsome cockerels looking for homes away from Mum and Dad. 4 months old. An experimental cross, so far they've come out very nicely with the fluffy cheeks from the Thüringian hen and the Lavander Peking cock's feathery feet. I've called them Rhystuds, after the local saint. Hoping to...
  2. Bethend

    When to call it quits? Hatching problems

    I'm fretting over this egg, which has been slowly splitting open over the last two days. I don't know were to call this one dead or wait and see. The eggs would be hatching now or any day now, and while there' no progress there's also no sign of anything that would overtly signal death, like a...
  3. Bethend

    Lazy Cat Always Sleeping in Nests

    I just finished building a new nest box for my chickens (the first ones wouldn't lay inside the coop, and they taught the habit the next generation). Wiggles the cat routinely occupies a cubby as his own personal bed. The chickens do not appreciate this, and there's always a lot of fretting and...
  4. Bethend

    Egg splitting, hatching oddly appro. 21 days

    I had to put these two eggs into incubation after one got crack at the tip, when two hens tried to brood them and got into a fight. I sealed over the crack and they've developed normally, but starting last night the cracked egg began to split length wise. This is right at the time they should be...
  5. Bethend

    Constipation in 3 week old chicks

    I have chicks being brooded in the house since their hen rejected them. The weather was hot enough to put them out in the grass under the wire top of a hamster cage (with a brick on top of course) so they can scratch in the dirt for a few hours. The last few days have been raining, so they've...
  6. Bethend

    Changed pellet brand, chickens won't eat

    I have 3 bantams and 1 regular hen in a garden coop. I've been getting pellets from a shop for a few years, but because of the awkward weight of a full-size 20-liter bag, I switched to a different company when I found one that would deliver. And they're refusing to eat! They act like there is no...
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