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    Red Stars wanted; Savannah, Ga area

    Please contact me if you have any Red Star pullets/hens that are 5+ months old. I have a few already and want to increase flock ASAP. Coops already built, feeders on point, nests ready. Just need them to get their scratch on. Anxious Cluck parents waiting anxiously.
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    Savannah Georgia Chicken Ordinance

    Sec. 9-5062. Chickens. Chickens kept for personal, non-commercial, purposes may be permitted provided the following requirements are met: a. Number of chickens. One chicken per 1000 square feet of high ground shall be permitted, provided, however, the maximum number of chickens permitted is 30...
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    JacJac is back.

    Hello everyone. It's been over 45 years and I'm getting back to raising poultry - chicken (and ducks soon), as allowed by ordiance and zoning here. After being a traveling nurse - wound care specialist, caring for humans, for over 40 years, I'm finally retired???AND differently-abled (it's a...
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    Want RIR chicks today if possible... HELP!!!

    We are Jac Jac and Manny of BeyondGanics. We recently started added chicken - a Dorking rooster and hen and several Red Stars who were already in a flock together to our sustainable farm. We want to get several RIR chicks (preferably tonight). Can anyone help us out? We're in the Savannah, Ga...
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