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  1. ericstac

    Tumor or abscess or what?? Hen isn't happy.

    I wanted to get yalls input on this hen. Yesterday I noticed her hanging out by a tree not really moving just standing around. I went out this morning and found her still standing in the same spot so I walked over to her and picked her up. I immediately noticed a dirty butt so I got a warm bath...
  2. ericstac

    Surviving the wild

    I'm raising a new flock of 27 chickens and its been a blast as usual. I was very surprised when we first got them because, for one, none of them died, and two, when we were able to finally get a good picture to count them we found out we have 27 instead of the 25 ordered :) So fast forward 4...
  3. ericstac

    What chick is this?

    Hey everyone :) We have 25 chicks we are growing right now and we cannot figure out this odd one. Here is a list of what was ordered. It should be a cuckoo Maran but it doesn't look like the others... Maybe a cock? And the rest are hens? Blue wyandottes Gold sixlinks Cuckoo Maran White...
  4. ericstac

    conduit with nipples / roosting?

    I'm about to install some conduit with nipples for a watering system for my 26 chickens and was wondering if they are going to try to roost on the conduit and if that is going to be a problem down the road?
  5. ericstac

    should i fix the legs?

    I have a new chick who kinda waddles around with its legs sorta kicked out.. not sure if it is full spraddle leg but should I treat it as such? the pics I've seen of spraddle have the chicken spread eagled out like doing the splits and she isn't this bad, but it is definitely not like the other 16.
  6. ericstac

    chicks one week apart housed together?

    i have 5 chicks I got from ideal last week. i got 12 more today and was wondering if i could put them in the same brooder or do they need to stay apart until they are a little older?
  7. ericstac

    how much feed do they eat?

    how much feed would you typically go through a month for a dozen layer hens?
  8. ericstac

    new coop for a dozen, size questions..

    I'm hoping to have about a dozen or so layers ready in the next month and so the plans to start building the coop has begun. I keep reading I need 4sqft per hen but this really doesn't make sense. I am planning on a 4x10 coop 5 foot high so this is 40sqft, good for 10 hens. but if I make it 5x10...
  9. ericstac

    day old chick not walking

    I just got a dozen chicks and one of them is a runt that is not walking, she will get up on her legs wobble and then fall over and just lay there, faceplanted on the ground. Or she will just lay completely on her side... any ideas on what to do?
  10. ericstac

    New chicken farmer

    I've been reading your website the last few days and wish I would have found y'all earlier. I received my dozen laying hens today and realized reading through here that the carefresh natural bedding I bought is never used. Is it okay to use for the new chicks? It says it is good for all kinds...
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