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  1. Bevy326

    Lethargic duckling

    I have a 6 week old khaki Campbell duckling. 3 days ago I noticed she was not running around and playing with the other ducklings. I believe she is having mild seizures. Her eyes twitch and will close and then she pops out of it. I have given her niacin and charcoal. She had some molasses mixed...
  2. Bevy326

    Fox attack

    I had a fox take 3 of my ducks early this morning. Caught him coming back for round four and shot him. I have not had any predator issues in 2 years! He of course got my three favorite ducks. So devastating. My question is what are the odds he(it was a male I checked) has a family in the...
  3. Bevy326

    Hurt leg

    One of my ducks has been limping for close to a month now. When it first started I noticed she was missing her back toe nail. It never bled or anything. I keep checking her foot. There are no signs of bumblefoot or infection. She has been eating normally and continued to lay eggs until about 2...
  4. Bevy326

    Missing ducks

    All 6 of my ducks went missing today. I went out to try and find them because it was getting late and they don't usually wander far and I could not find any of them. Is it possible a predator got them all? I have had them for almost 2 years and have had zero predator issues. There was no trace...
  5. Bevy326

    Duck Molting

    5 of my 6 ducks molted at the end of August. The one that hadn't is now finally starting to. She is a few months older than the others. My question is it's getting cold out now, 30's during the day and down to the teens at night, should I be worrying about her being too cold?
  6. Bevy326

    Missing eggs

    I have 6 welsch harlequin female ducks. One is about a year old the other 5 are 9 months. This spring they started laying one egg a day each. Yay! Now I am only getting 2-3 a day. They were all just laying them in their pen and not caring too much about them, but then they started building a...
  7. Bevy326

    Duck stopped laying

    so I have 6 welsh harlequin ducks. 1 of which layer her first egg about 2 weeks ago. Yay! She is approximately 7 months old. The other 5 are only 4 months. Anyway she was laying once a day, or every other day and suddenly has stopped. It's been 4 days or so since her last egg. I'm just curious...
  8. Bevy326

    Introducing new ducklings

    Hello I'm new to the duck owning world. In June I had gotten 3 baby welsh harlequins and unfortunately for reasons unknown 2 of the 3 died. One was within the first week and the other at about 4 weeks. Anyway I have a new flock of 5 coming in about a week. I've read about introducing new...
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