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  1. petchickenlover

    Duckling pipped last night..Now, nothing

    Last night one of my ducklings pipped and was peeping away, this morning - nothing. no rocking, no peeping...nothing. Something felt off so I candled it (i know, bad) and I can see his beak in the air cell..but there's no movement, nothing when i tap the egg. I'm thinking it's dead, should I...
  2. petchickenlover

    Chick hatching today 5/26/12

    I've had 2 broody hens sitting for awhile, and finally their work is paying off! Unfortunately they were only sitting on 2 eggs between them, and one died so there is only one :( I thought the egg was due to hatch yesterday, so today i went out to check on it and candle it if s/he had not...
  3. petchickenlover

    Hen laying on side, very bright red comb..??*UPDATE* post 6

    When I went out to check on the chickens this evening, honestly i thought she was dead. She was laying on her side, head tucked in.. i'm not quite sure whats going on here. Her mouth is also gaping open every once in awhile, as if gasping for breath?? Her comb is also a very unnormal BRIGHT red...
  4. petchickenlover

    To move..Or not to move? that is the question. (Broody Hen)

    My 2ish year old hen has decided to sit again this year. However, she has chosen a nesting box that is 1-2ft off the ground, and that the other hens like to use as well. Since she's lower in rank, I'm wondering if I should move her into my large brooder that I built last year for my ducks...
  5. petchickenlover

    Please like this photo!

    My horse has informed me that she wants a brighter colored saddle pad! We have the opportunity to win won... We need to have the most likes of all the other photos! Here is the link:!/photo.php?fbid=253151938086441&set=pu.108513415883628&type=1&theater...
  6. petchickenlover

    Where does he look off?(horse)

    Older (25+) QH gelding. Where does he look like he's hurting? shoulder, hoof etc?? ETA: Err, so how do i get the video to show up here or do i just have to post the link?
  7. petchickenlover

    What breeds are these?(Rabbits)

    These two little guys were abandoned here last month(ish). Originally there were 3 but one disappeared, so we assume some sort of predator got it. The silver seems to be "dominant" over the brown/orange one. I tossed them some bread and the orange waited for the silver to move off to another...
  8. petchickenlover

    Hen or Rooster?

    3 month old orpington/cochin mix... do you think it's male or female..?
  9. petchickenlover

    How old does this horse look?

    I apologize for the not-great pics. This horse absolutely despises his mouth being messed with for some reason. Plus my camera decided to focus on the background and not the foreground... but from what you can see, how old does he look? Thanks:)
  10. petchickenlover

    Rabbits - need all the help i can get...

    Someone dropped off 3 rabbits at our neighbors house... Sadly, a raccoon got one so their are only 2. They aren't completely tame, but they do come within 10 feet of you. Neighbor would keep them and tame them but she is moving and cannot take them with her.. So I think I'll be taking them in...
  11. petchickenlover

    Looky what I [finally] caught!!

    Little bugger [and his mom] caught 2 of my ducks when they didn't go in the other day. Ever since they've been wandering around here eating scraps from the chickens, dropped grain,etc. All the horses and goats were absolutely terrified of him,even if they're ten times bigger
  12. petchickenlover

    Hen or Rooster?

    This fella is approaching 2 months old, he's a Cochin x Orpington [or red star or black Australorp..] but he's huge compared to the others. I'm thinking Roo, but what do you guys think? I apologize for the pic, it was taken from a cell phone
  13. petchickenlover

    re-candled today...this egg any good?**Graphic pics pg 1*

    First couple photos taken yesterday [8/29/11]: Pics taken today, it looks like he's shrunk.. when i float-tested yesterday he was moving around, but when i checked today there appeared to be no movement... what do you think?=/
  14. petchickenlover

    Are these two eggs any good?

    My hens abandoned the last two eggs once 4 of the chicks hatched... so i made a home-made incubator and put them in there. I've been candling them and there's nothing obviously telling me that they're bad, but i wanted an expert opinion Also if you can tell what day they appear to be on that...
  15. petchickenlover

    What's wrong with his legs?

    In the last few weeks, I've noticed my rooster has been picking at his legs quite badly...So badly that he's been limping slightly. I'm thinking mites maybe? No other chickens have this issue..
  16. petchickenlover

    Help identifying Arabian mare *AHA datasource members needed*

    I have this posted on the arabian breeders website, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well. I got a wonderful Arabian mare in December 2010, and have been trying to identify her since then. I traced her owners back to a woman named Kim [who, was not an owner, but someone who...
  17. petchickenlover

    Got a broody hen!WE HAVE A BABY!x4 *pic overload pg 3*

    Well, my hen's been sitting for awhile [10+ days] and today i noticed she'd pushed an egg out of the nest, i figured it was a bad egg but i still decided to take a look to make sure things were actually developing and she wasn't wasting her time there. See pics on pg 3!!
  18. petchickenlover

    Balding around eyes

    My duckling have been bald around their eyes for a little while... at first i figured it was just a part of them getting feathers, but now one of their eyes look funny. She's about 4 weeks old now.. Didn't see any bugs on her or anything.. what do you think?? Excuse the photos, my camera doesn't...
  19. petchickenlover

    How old is this horse?

    This is Ghost, a Qh i leased a few years back. There was always confusion on his age, first he was 20, then he was 28, then he was 32..and now i guess he's 24 LOL. So, how old do you think he is? [excuse the blurryness, cell phone camera haha ]
  20. petchickenlover

    Runner duck - leg problem?

    Alright, we got this fella from a friend who'd tried hatching out runners and only one hatched. so,since we got our 2 ducklings, we offered to take him. He'd been living in her bathtub for about 3 weeks [his entire life until we got him, i think.] But, his leg's are bent funny. they're not as...
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