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  1. Ecto04

    Black Jersey Giants

    Hatched out these Black Jersey Giants 4 weeks ago tomorrow. Any idea which are cockerels and which are pullets? If you answer, please let me know why you think so. Thanks!
  2. Ecto04

    Lavendar Orpington Runt - Please Help

    I’m wondering if there’s anything more I can do for my tiny runt, Jem. She hatched 3/5 and was smaller from the others to start but I thought she would catch up. She hasn’t. This picture shows her next to a day old hatchling. Jem has her back to us. She seems to be breathing hard, almost like...
  3. Ecto04

    Please help! Lockdown tonight!

    Please help! Lockdown tonight!! This egg was developing the same as the others at day 7 with veins and movement. Around day 12, I couldn’t see veins anymore. This is what it looked like (black and white photos). Is this a blood ring? Since then, the dark area that is typically the embryo has...
  4. Ecto04

    Buff Orps and RIRs - pullets or Roos?

    My 4 chicks - Marcia, Jan, Carol and Alice - are all supposed to be pullets. They are all 16 weeks now. All had similar comb and wattle development until the past week or so when Alice's comb and wattles started to come in quickly. Alice is smaller than our other RIR and appears to be lowest in...
  5. Ecto04

    RIRs, BOs and Polish?

    My small flock consists of two buff orpingtons and two Rhode Island reds. Is it possible to successfully add a couple of Polish to my small flock or is it too likely that they will be picked on? Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. Ecto04

    Tickled with feeder and waterer!

    I just got a feeder and waterer for my 8 week old buff orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds. They took to them immediately! I was pleasantly surprised. I had visions of trying to “teach” them but all I had to do was tap on the water nipples a couple of times to show them. With the feeder, I put a...
  7. Ecto04

    Nesting boxes

    So I understand you want to keep chicks out of nesting boxes until they are ready to lay. Working on that now before I move my chicks to their little coop. I tried out this box for size and quickly realized they will probably want to sleep on top of the boxes. Now what? The roof is fixed so I...
  8. Ecto04

    Feed and water in pen/coop

    First time chick owner here. I am getting ready to move our 6-week old chicks outside and I have a few questions: What types of feeder and Waterer are best? Those that sit on the ground or those that hang? I don’t want them kicking stuff into them on the ground like they do in the brooder but...
  9. Ecto04

    Chicks first field trip!

    Took the chicks outside for the first time today. Put them in an x-pen with a tarp over it (for shade and hawk protection) near the coop while I sealed and painted it. They seemed to have a great time! At first they all stayed in a tight bunch then started branching out exploring. It was so...
  10. Ecto04

    Chick poop

    is chick poop different based on breed? I have 2 buff Orpingtons and 2 Rhode Island Reds that are all about 5-6 weeks old. The BOs poop has always been pretty firm while the RIRs poop has always been runnier and smellier. They all eat the same chick crumble and live in the same brooder. Does...
  11. Ecto04

    Is the temp right?

    In my brooder, the temp under the heat lamp is about 80. Around the outer edge, it’s typically 68 - 70. My chicks are just shy of 5 weeks old. They tend to hang around the cooler edge especially to sleep. Does the temp seem right? These are my first chicks. I have two buff Orpingtons and two...
  12. Ecto04

    4 week old Rhode Island Reds

    Not great pics, but here are carol and Alice. Supposed to be pullets. Thoughts?
  13. Ecto04

    Greetings from a new member!

    Hi there! I’m new here and new to chickens. Three weeks ago we bought 5 newly hatched pullets (hopefully) from our local farm store - 3 buff orpingtons and 2 Rhode Island reds. We named them the Brady chicks - Cindy, Jan, Marcia, Carol and Alice. One of the buffs (Cindy) passed away at about a...
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