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  1. wjallen05

    4 month old Easter Eggers.... boys or girls???

    This is our 7 year old hen (ordered her in a group of day olds from Ideal 7 years ago. Love her dearly!) named Christmas, with 4 of her 5 "chicks" that she hatched out 4 months ago. She went broody over the summer so I purchased some fertilized Ameracauna/Easter Egger eggs for her. From pretty...
  2. wjallen05

    hens with diarrhea, one died

    I have 4 (3 year old) hens, and a 6 (5 month old) pullets (and one same age roo). A week or so ago, I noticed my old RIR girl, Red Hen, who of course was my most beloved chicken, had diarrhea (it was all over her backend) and the next day, I found her dead. =( I have been keeping a close eye on...
  3. wjallen05

    shouldn't this hen/pullet be laying by now????

    I have a hen (pullet?) that I ordered as a day old chick back in January (the only one that I kept out of that batch when I downsized my flock a couple months back). She has never laid an egg before... EVER! WHY?!?! I've never had a hen go so long without laying. I ordered her from Ideal. I just...
  4. wjallen05

    baby goat cuteness!! (pic heavy)

    Just wanted to share some photos of our recent kids. (they are Nigerian Dwarf goats) Millennia (Millie) Peppermint Our daughter Hayley with Caramel and Millie The sunlight got in the way, but I caught Millie in mid-leap! Thumbkin's twin bucks, Copper and Zinc mmmmmm milk...
  5. wjallen05

    Nigerian Dwarf Goat bottle babies!

    Twin boys born 1-24-11. Both parents are ADGA registered but these guys are being sold as pets without papers. $50 each if you buy both, or $75 each. One has lots of moonspots. Disbudded and bottle raised. Great pets!!! We have registered doe and buck kids as well.
  6. wjallen05

    Splash Silkie hen

    This girl was born on 12-11-09. She is from Sassy Silkie hatching eggs. She is my last Silkie and is all alone. I can't keep her with my standard hens because they pick on her. I want her to have a good home with other Silkie friends. She is a beautiful girl and is very correct and high quality...
  7. wjallen05

    anyone breed English Lops or Netherland Dwarf rabbits?

    Hi all! Hope it's okay to post this here. I have one beloved pedigreed ELop doe, 6 1/2 months old. I am searching for a Elop buck for her. Also, I am interested in the Netherland Dwarfs. I can't find any of either breed anywhere near me!!!! Does anyone raise either breed and live within a...
  8. wjallen05

    how many hens will this coop hold?

    Saw this on Ebay, but I am confused by the dimensions and am not sure how many standard size hens it will fit comfortably.
  9. wjallen05

    can't sell my chickens, ducks, guineas to save my life. GAH!

    We are moving from 70 acres to 4 (all wooded) acres. I must downsize my animals. I am trying to sell my (5) Guineas ($5 each), 3 ducks ($10 each) some laying hens ($10 each) and 3 month pullets ($5 each) and NO ONE is interested in ANY OF THEM! I REALLY need them gone ASAP. Am I asking too...
  10. wjallen05

    Moving... should I take the ducks??? Help please!!

    We made an offer on a house, hopefully we will be moving next month. It is on over 4 acres, in a subdivision, but there are no restrictions against animals. It is very private and has a creek running through it. I am selling the Guineas for obvious reasons and sold the roosters as well. We will...
  11. wjallen05

    Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian 4 months old AKC

    4 month old female puppy. Current on everything including rabies. We retained her and her brother from our previous litter, but I realize that we don't need 4 Great Pyrenees so we are selling her to an approved home. She is as sweet as they come, is leash trained, and so gentle and loving with...
  12. wjallen05

    pair of Nigerian Dwarf baby bucklings

    Two adorable, sweet little boys. (disbudded!) Their sire is a finished champion is ADGA, and their dam is very nice but is a first freshener so they are available without papers. Sold together for $100. They are almost 3 weeks old. They were dam raised for the first two weeks, but their dam...
  13. wjallen05

    Silkie... hen or rooster??

    This used to be "Farrah" but I (thought she) suddenly turned into a boy... so she is now "Pharaoh"... I listed him/her on the auction, but want to make sure HE is a HE. What do you guys think?
  14. wjallen05

    Splash Silkie cockerel- (Sassy Silkies)

    BEAUTIFUL bird!! Very tame. I am very attached to him and this is a hard decision for me. I am no longer raising chickens and don't need him. I hatched him out from some eggs I bought from Sassy Silkies. He is 100% correct and very, very nice quality. Shipping not available due to the hot...
  15. wjallen05

    Laying hens for sale

    I have 3 Leghorns (18 months), 2 Leghorn/RIR cross (13 months), 1 Exchequer Leghorn (13 months) for sale. All are laying daily. Guaranteed healthy. I have too many hens and need to downsize. $8/each. Pick up only. Located in Homer, Georgia. (Banks county)
  16. wjallen05

    Sold Please Delete!

  17. wjallen05

    I LOVE Gold Sex-Links!!! *PIC*

    I cannot believe I didn't get any sooner! And I wish I had more!!! My 5 GSL pullets just started laying last week. One of them has laid a double yolker every day!! Her eggs are HUGE! I mean HUGE! And she's just a pullet!! My only complaint is I wish they laid a darker egg. Here is her egg (the...
  18. wjallen05

    Game rooster for sale

    GORGEOUS Game stag "Carter". 6 months old. He has his comb. Had him since he was 2 days old. I really like having him, but I am not raising chickens (let alone games) any more and just don't really have a use for him. He lives in the hen house with 17 hens and is living it up. LOL. He is very...
  19. wjallen05

    Splash Silkie rooster FREE!

    Pretty Splash Silkie rooster "George". A friend gave him to me a couple months ago, but my (only) Silkie "pullet" turned into a rooster, and now I have two Silkie roosters and no hens! This guy needs to go. He is FREE to a good home. He is about 10 months old. Very pretty guy. Not show quality...
  20. wjallen05

    Broody hens.... questions

    My fourth hen has gone broody. My EE hen hatched out 5 Silkie eggs herself and I gave her 5 from the same batch that I hatched in the bator. She accepted all of them and now is the proud mother of 10 little fuzz balls. So now my Buff Orpington is broody. I don't want any more chicks but I...
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