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  1. CelticMoon1

    Chicken Run 2009

    My Chicken Run I have a variety of mixes, which I will not dwell much upon here. Just for introduction: They are 2 GLW/Australorps which are very nice hens, a couple of Barnevelder/Maran, and a few Italian/Norwegian Jaerhons/unknown that I am not to fond of to tell you the truth, though they...
  2. Past Chooks

    Past Chooks

    Past Chooks Here's a few of our past chooks, from the era where they all had names :) We started out with Orpingtons and Australorps, then added GLW. Bred a few GLWs and GLW/Autralorps. Added one Brahma and two New Hampshires. Bred a few GLW/New Hampshires...Well that about sums it up for the...
  3. The Choice

    The Choice

    The Chickens This year's batch hatched June 6th 2009 and has resulted in 3 SLW and 1 White Pullet (apparantly a recessive white), and some mishaps such as broken leg and wing has left us with 2 SLW Roo Chickens. In addition I got a GLW Roo Chicken from someone else, that I hope will turn out...
  4. Celticmoon1s Page

    Celticmoon1s Page

    My Chicken Run I have a small hobby flock of chickens, some mixes but mostly pure (and weeding out the others, though new ones tend to sneak in). The "outsiders" of my current (2011) flock are: Araucana (European standard), Wyandotte/Australorps, Wyandotte/Norwegian Jærhøne/Leghorn mix. I am...
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