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  1. chickygirl2

    sexes please

    All white sebbies,... What do you think?
  2. chickygirl2

    Thoughts on the sex of these sebbie goslings

    I would like to see if others concur with what I think. These 5 white sebbies hatched yesterday.
  3. chickygirl2

    Buff Bar Cochin Pair in Maryland- pick up only

    I have a pair of Bantam Buff Barred Cochins that I am going to part with. The male has the beautiful barring and the female is lighter in color. They were hatched from Steve at the Bantam Barn's eggs. This is the second laying season. With the newer generation, the females are showing more...
  4. chickygirl2

    9 bantam white laced red cornish hatching eggs

    I would like these to go in the mail tomorrow afternoon - Friday by 5 pm eastern standard time...... so please ONLY bid if you can pay IMMEDIATELY after the auction closes. I have a very short time from getting home from work and getting to the PO before they close at 5pm. Payment is paypal...
  5. chickygirl2

    Michigan- ebay nice little coop/house?

    Saw this while searching ebay. It is made for rabbits but could make a nice little hose for a few chcikens as well
  6. chickygirl2

    8 bantam mottled cochin eggs Jamie Matts

    I have 8 mottled cochin bantam eggs from Jamie Matts line laid [since10-22) ready to go. Thse chickens have beautiful mottling, nice type, and nice foot feathering. They are one of my favorites here. I have all black and white except for blue mottled hen,.
  7. chickygirl2

    10 Mille Fleur D'Uccle Hatching Eggs 1 day auction

    This is a 24 hr auction for 10 plus Mille eggs laid within the past 3 days. These are very sweet gentle chickens : ) paypal at end of auction please to: [email protected]
  8. chickygirl2

    8 Tophat Standard Hatching Eggs 1 day auction

    This is a 24 hr auction for the following combintion of Tophat eggs: Standard Buff Laced Polish Standard Mottled Houdan Standard Spitzhauben Eggs are fresh and laid within the last 3 days. I will try to include equal numbers of each if I can. paypal at end of auction please to...
  9. chickygirl2

    9 Bantam White Crested Blue or Black Polish eggs-good lines 1 day only

    I have 9 White Crested Black or Blue Bantam polish eggs . If extras are laid, I will include them. About 50 % will be frizzled as all the girls are frizzled and the boys are normal featherd. These are from nice show lines. Eggs have been laid in the last 3 days.Fertility has been outstanding ...
  10. chickygirl2

    12 white laced red cornish bantam fertile hatching eggs [MD]

    I have 12 white laced red bantam cornish eggs ready to be mailed. These eggs were laid over the past 6 days. They are meaty little birds who look like dinosaurs and have a peculiar little cackling sound they make... very different . I always get comments on them when I bring people to see my...
  11. chickygirl2

    Giant Gray Dewlap Toulouse Pair Geese, Maryland pick up

    Please do not hit buy it now, just pm me I have 4 pairs of these rare huge magnificent geese for sale. They are from Holdereads and Wapsicon Waterfowl Farm lines. These geese can eventually reach 30 lbs each. They are big babies and some of the sweetest geese I have. I am downsizing my...
  12. chickygirl2

    Pilgrim geese trio available in Maryland- pick up only 20772

    I have a trio of Pilgrim geese for sale. The boy is from Holderreads and is 5 years old . The 2 girls are from Ideal and are 1 .5 years old. They produced lots of nice babies this spring. We also have 2 youngsters a male and female available for $20. These are pickup only- no shipping
  13. chickygirl2

    Pairs of Sebastopol geese in Md pickup only

    I am downsizing all my geese from about 40 to a more manageable 10. I have saddleback smooth breasted pairs available - $100 per pair. I will not ship. This is pickup only.The geese are all from Holderreads line. Smooth breasted geese do not get angelwing like the curly breasted do. From these...
  14. chickygirl2

    What am I ?

    Someone sent me picture of their favorite roo. I guessed easter egger, but am not really sure. Here he is:
  15. chickygirl2

    Just came across this coop ad on craigslist.......... WOW !!!!
  16. chickygirl2

    Sebastopol adults and goslings available pickup-Md 20772

    I have decided to drastically reduce my current flock size. I am going to concentrate only on white sebs. I have all my other geese up for sale.[ Giant Dewlap Toulouse, Pilgrims as well] Please do not bid, but pm me if interested. These are for pick up only- too hot to ship now. Available...
  17. chickygirl2

    Pilgrim geese trio available in Maryland- pick up only 20772

    I have a trio of pilgrims. The male is from Holderreads. The girls are from Ideal.The girls are 1 year old and the boy is 4. I had a lot of babies this year from this group. I also have goslings available for pick up as well. Please do not bid, but pm if interested. Prices below: Pilgrim trio-...
  18. chickygirl2

    To friends of baregretchen

    Gretchen just found out a few days ago that her son was stabbed and killed last Friday.It was a horrible violent crime. I know many of you have been in contact with her especially if you' re attending the chickenstock in another week. Please just be aware if you have emailed or pmed her that she...
  19. chickygirl2

    6 plus buff barred n=bantm cochin eggs

    This is for 6 plus [gals willing ]of my buff barred cochin fertile eggs . Paypal only at auction end- ships monday 3-15 stock is from steve from the bantam barn
  20. chickygirl2

    A2SciTeach see below

    A2SciTeach your inbox is full- check your email about the eggs
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