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    My BYC Goodbye

    I'm not going to mince my words - I'm leaving BYC. None of you have done anything at all, I tell you that. I am just under a lot of pressure with my horses and we're also moving. I'm facing a few social issues and I just don't have the time to continue BYC. Thanks to all of you who made BYC...
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    Ask TechnoCat~! c: Techno's Q&A!

    So a big thing trending on my tumblr blog is called "Ask insane-and-inspirational" (a.k.a. me) and my followers send in (optionally anonymous) questions, which I answer! Most are from my equestrian followers but some are just general my-life questions. :3 So I decided it might be a good idea to...
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    Should I write the story I've been wanting to write?

    I'm sure you all know my horse Angel, and I can remember her story perfectly, but should I write it here? I've been wanting to write it, but if I did, who'd read it? Just wondering. If I get enough people, I suppose I'd write it.
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    Equinegram! *!Instagram for horses!* [Credit to original idea]

    Welcome to Equinegram, the Instagram for horses! Share photos and tag others! Sign up now with the following info: Owner: Horses: Horse(s) username(s): Tag TechnoCat's horses! ;D @Halahan'sTwistOfFate @MamaBigMitzi @Herman4 @VelVel @BaeLilMitzi @Red_Wind_Boomer @ButtercupTheSweet @Starfire28...
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    Still having issues - RTE and post editor

    Hello! I'm sorry to bug and bother again, but I'm still having quite a few issues. Like the first time, my RTE is gone. However, this time, it comes and goes from thread to thread. Refreshing the page doesn't help. Cleared cache and cookies. Restarting computer isn't helping either. Win7, IE7...
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    ~*~Bridled~*~ A Story of Passion - TechnoCat's Story

    This is based on my own personal story, with a few hidden tweaks. Bannon Woods, the horses, and the people are real. 'Becky' is based on a certain person who trains at Bannon Woods at well, but her name is changed for security purposes, and is the only named changed. PROLOGUE I was always born...
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    The Clan Like a Family ~ TechnoCat's Story

    So, basically, I came up with the idea while RPing. I noticed how my characters that had banded together were like a family, and it was practically the perfect story idea. *** NOTE: I will be using the Assassin's Creed names and quite a few references and one COMPLETELY custom character. And not...
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    Rich Text Editor? ( Bold text, Italic, Strikeout etc )

    Well, I have tried clearing my cache and it didn't work. I am using Firefox and there are no error messages. I need this for creating a page with HTML font but there is absolutely nothing where the rich text editor normally is! Help???
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    Give a compliment to the person above you thread! The perfect 'bad-day' thread!

    Have a bad day? Need a compliment from someone to cheer you up? Here you are! Title is self-explanatory: XXXX is.... GO! :-)
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    TECHNO'S PROJECT: BYC - Anime style! ~*~ Click on the thread to learn more! ~*~

    Alright, so this has been STARTED many other times - but never finished. SO, I've decided to do this and actually finish it! Woohoo!!! Basically, what this is: If you fill out the form below, I will draw you in my anime style and make a big compilation of GJF people! Woohoo! THERE ARE ONLY 13...
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    Sky's Equestrian Chat Thread~*| Join today!!!

    Hey! Sky here, starting up another equestrian chat thread! ^_^ you can discuss anything related to equestrian! Share photos, just talk, show off your horses/the horses you ride. I have an interesting situation. When I was 6, I rode my first horse called Starfire. He's a cross-breeded Rocky...
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    *~| The Crooked Man |~* By TechnoCat - Please read!

    ( I know there is another story going on, but I want to post it because I've been working on this for several months and I'd thought I'd share.) Chapter 1 - Meet Kiki Kiki gave a great screech, her camera nearly toppling over. The Crooked Man's face leapt out at her and she panicked and...
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    | ~ * Techno's DIY/Fashion Tips Thread! Join today and share your tips! * ~ |

    So, I don't think many people know this about me, but I do many DIY projects (some inspired by Marzia Bisognin, <3 you Marzia!!!) and have a pretty good fashion sense. My fashion tips, however, apply to all body types. I am not a model and am not the thinnest person in the world either but I'm...
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    ~ * The Geek Chat Thread * ~ Unleash your inner geek~!!!

    As I have noticed, there is a lack of geeks in this world. Geeks are possibly the worlds most valuable human resource. These species of people are slowly declining. If you like three or more of the following, you qualify. Doctor Who ( <3 ) Star Wars Star Trek Any form of video games (Legend...
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    Techno's Army of Awesomeness ~ The Bros!

    I know what you're gonna say - this is stupid. But for those who kept reading, thanks! I am Techno, your fellow BYCer... Not just a normal BYCer anymore - NOW I AM THE BRO QUEEN!!! Join my Army of Awesomeness, and together we shall overtake the barrels and containers of Slenderman's woods...
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    The Man with No Face ~ A Slenderman story PLEASE READ!!!

    Before I post the prologue, is there anyone who would actually read this?
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    Apples to Apples (virtual version!)

    This is absolutely my favorite game ever, but I hardly get to play it anymore. Sooo, why don't we start an online version? :D Rules - Winner of the last match gets to pick the next theme. It HAS to be appropriate. You can make up whatever you want, as long as it follows BYC rules, if it does...
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    How to change username?

    I would like to change my username to 'TechnoCat', but am not entirely sure how. Is there anyone who can help me find out how to change my username?
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    Freddy the Farm Bureau - "CORN DOG MAYBE" Kentucky State Fair **funny video**

    Every year, Kentucky hosts its annual state fair. Rides, farm animals, horse shows, cattle shows, duck shows, etc. Attractions inside, etc. The Kentucky state fair has a LOT of food - and every year something new is added, and often times that new thing is fried. (Like two years ago, there was...
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    Please Read~!!! Salvation - An Untold Tale

    Prologue "Miss Akemi, can you hear me?!" "I can hear you just fine, now shut up and run!" "It's going to explode!!!" "That's why I said RUN!!!" The clacking of her stiletto boots as she ran. Tick. Tick. Tick. Her lips parted, gasping for air. Tick. Tick. Tick. The blood roaring in her good...
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