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  1. The Breaker

    Young hen with eye gunk and respiratory problems

    I found this you g hen with a lot of gunk built up in her eyes and in her nose. I don't know if she can even see any more. I pulled all of the gunk out with tweezers (pictured below). (It smells horrible) And tried to clear as much gunk as I could. She is very light and I don't know if she has...
  2. The Breaker

    Fatally injured day old chick

    I found this little guy outside after collecting two hens and their chicks. I didn't know they were setting on eggs but they surprised me. But he looks like he has been attacked and has some very bad injuries. I'm not sure what to do other than treat his wounds and make sure he has food and...
  3. The Breaker

    Shipping adolescent bird.

    Im going to be shipping a two month and one week old old bird soon and I need a bit of clarification before I do. (Also im sorry if this is in the wrong place) But I found out I need to get an official certificate of veterinary inspection to ship him. But once I get that what do I do with it...
  4. The Breaker

    Shipping chick as cargo on a flight.

    First of all im sorry for posting this if its on the wrong section, but I didnt know where else to post this. But I want to know if any one has ever shipped a chicken (or any other smaller more fragile animal) as cargo on a plane. And if so did they arrive at the destination in a good healthy...
  5. The Breaker

    Chick with lame leg.

    I have a day old chick and it appears to be walking on the side of one of its legs. I dont believe it to be spraddle leg as the legs arent out from under it. Its just one leg, but he is walking on the side of his foot. If any one could please tell me what this is and how to cure it I would be...
  6. The Breaker

    Hatch along!

    I just set 12 Kentucky Speck eggs today! Any one that is hatching some eggs at the moment is welcomed to join in. Itd be fun to have some hatching buddies.
  7. The Breaker

    Post on GJF should add to your post count.

    I am not trying to make the mods angry. So please if you're a mod and reading this just hear me out. I'm not trying to start a rebellion or anything. But me and a few other BYCers really think that post in GJF (Games jokes and fun) Should add to your post count. We don't always have questions...
  8. The Breaker

    Chicken with hurt foot.

    I have a rooster with a hurt foot. And its been like this for a couple of weeks and after medicating it and soaking it in Epsom's salt we dint see any improvements. It is very swelled as you will see in the pics below. We think it might be broken and that the thing in his foot could possibly be...
  9. The Breaker


    You may be thinking "WHO DE HECK ARE DES JOKERS?" Well at a point and time we WERE the very spirit of GJF Every one knew us and we knew every one. But... Do to certain restrictions we went on to brighter horizons. So we have decided.... After a long period of time.... To drop by..... And...
  10. The Breaker

    The Vegetable Garden

    ALL HAIL VEGGIES!!!! DESTROY THE REBEL FRUITS!!!! Co-Presidents: The Breaker: Squash Chickenmama: Zucchini Vice president: Croc: Cucumber Recruiting agent: Macandchiz: Carrot Overseer Of explosive weaponry & Secretary of Defense Chirp: Jalapeño Head Of Predator Look Out: Kyda...
  11. The Breaker


    Stalkers: TinyBeaks, Anikaanimalgirl, awesome308, PeepnQuack12 ,holm25, chickenboy190, ChipsAhoyMcCoy, ,SternRose, Animals970 Groupies: ChirpChickens, Ducclelover, Script, StarrNico Disciples: Chickenmomma, NinjaRooster THIS THREAD IS TO ACT AS MY COMMISSION, IT IS TO TALK ABOUT ALL...
  12. The Breaker


    I was in the pen with a feisty cock of mine, he jumped at me, so I picked up a stick to hit him n the side, I missed and hit him on the head I thin heard a solid *Kink!* he fell to the ground...limp. I brought him in side. he seemed to liven up, he jumped out of my arms, and id now struggling...
  13. The Breaker


    I DEFY YOU DUCCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rules- If I think you did something wrong I will call you out.
  14. The Breaker

    Guess That Song!

    First of all this was serama gal14s idea I just thought to make a thread with her permission. This is simple just post some lyrics from a song and people have to guess the band and then album, the first person to guess both, wins and post song lyrics and so on, and so on. I will start WRIGHT...
  15. The Breaker


    THIS THREAD IS BASICALLY A CHAT THREAD FOR ALL METAL LOVERS TO POST LINKS, LYRICS (please not the full song), TALK ABOUT NEW OR FAVORITE ALBUMS, BASICALLY ANYTHING METAL RULES 1. Talk about all bands but please don't talk about satanic bands or just dark bands in general. 2. All BYC rules...
  16. The Breaker

    What is your favriote genre of music?

    I want to know what you favorite genre of music is. Tell me if you can think of another Genre for the poll.
  17. The Breaker


    Cyber chickens threaten earths very existence, and we are the last hope,we stand in the way of tyranny, we are the arm prying the wicked away from all that is good,we are the light when their was all but darkness, we are the resistance. The cyber chickens are evil beings set out to destroy...
  18. The Breaker

    Elders/Hipsters of BYC!

    We are the Elders/Hipsters of BYC we have been gone for awhile because when we left it had changed to much but we have hope to bring it back. We are the Elders And Hipsters and we will Not be silenced!
  19. The Breaker

    Age of Phoenix breed

    Exactly how old is the Phoenix breed?
  20. The Breaker

    Cockerel with lame leg.

    Yesterday morning I went to check on my chickens since I had not checked on theme in one day the day before I was out of state I did not get to but the day before that I made sure they had plenty of food and water knowing I would not have time to check on them the next yesterday morning I...
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