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  1. JakeBremer

    Speckled Sussex or Silkies? HELP!!

    Hello, i am wanting to breed either silkies or speckled sussex. My parents say i can only have one. What are some pros and cons for Speckled Sussex? What are some pros and cons for Silkies? And what are some personal experiences with either one of these breeds? I just dont know which one...
  2. JakeBremer

    10 Month olds started Free ranging today. How old for my baby chicks?

    Today, i decided to let my chickens roam free. They look happier than they have ever been. I also have baby's 1 1/2 months to 4months old. Can i put the baby's out with the older ones at this age? Or should i wait? Some of the baby's are Roosters that i hope will get along with my 10 month old...
  3. JakeBremer

    Fish Aquarium Incubator Anybody?

    I am thinking of converting a Fish Aquarium into an Incubator. And if someone has made one please post pics to give me some ideas!?
  4. JakeBremer

    Silkie Rooster 7 weeks old help!

    I have 1 silkie rooster (Was supposed to be a Pullett) And he is 7 weeks old. And im ordering a batch of chicks that have 3 roosters. Will the silkie rooster end up not fighting with the baby roosters when they get older if i can get them to grow up together? Help please???
  5. JakeBremer

    Ordered Chiks from Ideal. Who else?

    I just ordered my second batch of chicks from ideal today. 1 GL Cochin Male 1 SL Cochin Male 1 Barred Cochin Male 1 White Cochin Pullett 1 Partridge Cochin Pullett 1 Red Cochin Pullett 1 Buff Cochin Pullett 2 Black Australorps 1 Buff Brahma 1 Light Brahma 2 Buff Orpingtons. Who else just ordered...
  6. JakeBremer

    Setting eggs July 6th. Need some hatching buddies. Lets have some fun!

    I am setting 20 Barred Rock eggs that was shipped to me. This is gonna be my 4th incubation period. Would love some people to join me!
  7. JakeBremer

    Rockwall, Texas. Help???

    I am trying to find out for my father if you can have chickens in the city limits in Rockwall Texas. Anyone know anything? Please help?!?!?!?!
  8. JakeBremer

    Twin chickens(double yolker) Fixing to hatch! Help me!!

    So im almost 90% positive i have a double yoker egg due to hatch the 25th. And i've read they cant hatch on their own. I've went on youtube and saw these people had to help their double yolker egg hatch, and they were perfectly fine when she helped them. So on the 25th, should i help the egg...
  9. JakeBremer

    Cochins and their broodines, Someone help?

    Allright, i am ordering cochins for them to set and hatch my eggs. And i know that cochins are the most broody breed of chickens. So is all they do is go broody? Will i get one that never goes broody? Someone who knows about cochin's or has them please help?!?!?!?!
  10. JakeBremer

    what to feed baby chicks when mother hatches them?

    So i have a broody, And im letting her set in eggs, When or if they hatch and i want her to raise them, What do i feed them? Will they eat the same food the adults eat? Will i need to move the hen and the chicks separate from the coop and just put medicated feed? Will the hen die from the...
  11. JakeBremer

    Cochins and Their broodiness.

    Im ordering cochins for them to hatch out eggs. I've found out the are the most broody breed. When the get mature, Is all they do is go broody? Will i get a cochin that wont ever go broody? Please help!
  12. JakeBremer

    Need help on building rooster a separate coop!?!?

    So, I have 1 full grown rooster. And i want to get another rooster to get different kind of chickens. But i cant put them in together because they will fight because they don't know each other. So i want to build a seperate little coop just for the rooster, and i can switch the roosters out to...
  13. JakeBremer

    Blood in a store bought egg

    Allright, so my dad was making crack store bought chicken eggs for break-fast. So i did, then i cracked one and it had blood in the yolk. I ruled out that it was a start of an embryo because it was store bought at Kroger. And i have no other ideas. What could it of been??????
  14. JakeBremer

    chicks curled foot. I need help!!!!!

    I have an 3 hour old baby chick with a curled foot. Will it fix on its own? Or will i have to help? How would i even help?
  15. JakeBremer

    Setting eggs June 3rd. Need hatching buddies! Lets have some fun!

    I'm gonna be setting close to 30 eggs on the 3rd. I want some hatching buddies. It'll be alot of fun!
  16. JakeBremer

    Silkie Hatching Eggs

    Does anyone know of a good place to buy Silkie Hatching Eggs? Please help!
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