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  1. skatcatla

    Help me diagnose my sick chicken!

    I have a 5.5 year old Black Sex link. Until about 3 days ago, she seemed to be perfectly fine. Then on Monday morning, I went to feed and water my hens and I saw she was sitting on the perch in the hen house (instead of running out to the run for treats like usual). I stroked her and she spoke...
  2. skatcatla

    Show me a pic of your wall-mounted feeder/waterer!

    I swear, I am DONE with my feeder and waterer. The chickens are constantly kicking shavings into them and making a mess. There is no room to hang them from the ceiling. I have been eying a wall-mounted stainless steel version I found online and I'm wondering if its worth the money?
  3. skatcatla

    If your chickens don't free-range...questions!

    So, here's the backstory. When I first got chickens, we would let them free-range in our yard. They clearly loved it, but they were just SO messy. Poop everywhere and I couldn't keep them out of my vegetable beds. They were just murder on all the plants, and they would kick the dirt down off...
  4. skatcatla

    Why did they all stop laying?

    I have four chickens, all a little over a year old. They've been laying like champs for the past year, and layed all through last winter. One of them started molting a few weeks ago, so I've not been expecting her to lay. Her feathers have grown back in, but her comb is still very small. But...
  5. skatcatla

    @!*$&@! Chickens!!!

    Grrrrr!!! I am *thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis* close to having roast chicken for dinner tonight. I have four girls that have a WHOLE yard to roam in, with all sorts grass and plants and bugs, and what do they make a beeline for? My two little raised vegetable beds. So I put some plastic fencing up all...
  6. skatcatla

    Finally completed the finishing touches! *Pics*

    Take a look! And here are some happy girls. I got the chicken trifecta one morning!
  7. skatcatla

    HELP! Show me your chicken-proof garden fencing!

    I am just shocked at the amount of damage my four girls are doing to my yard. They dig huge holes on the hillside (which is only lightly planted) and I cannot keep them out of my raised beds, even with 3.5 foot high green plastic fencing (they just walked right up the sides and hopped over!) If...
  8. skatcatla

    How to keep chickens out of my vegetable garden? Show me your solution

    I have a very small space; just a small suburban yard. I like letting my girls get a bit of free-ranging time (and they definitely need it) but they just devastated my raised bed planters, even with a "barrier" around it. Anyone have some good fencing materials they use they want to show me...
  9. skatcatla

    Suet feeder?

    Does anyone use one for your chickens? I think I remember reading on another thread that someone had recommended hanging treats like fruit in a suet feeder. Now that I am limiting the girl's free-ranging time to an hour each in the morning and evening, I'm worried about them being bored. I'd...
  10. skatcatla

    HA! "Hen in Mexican village lays rare eggs with green shells"!

    I was on Yahoo just now and saw this "News story" video from the AP. Apparently they are all mystified why this chicken lays green eggs. Does this reporter not know about Americaunas and EEs???? This is hilarious. I'd provide a link if I can but it won't give me a seperate link. I found it on...
  11. skatcatla

    Eggs with very soft shells..?

    One of my girls seems to have a glitch. She keeps laying eggs with these very soft shells, almost like water balloons. They sort of split open on touch. I don't understand why...she gets the same feed, free-ranging time and access to oyster shell as all the other girls. Anyone have any...
  12. skatcatla

    UPDATE: It's done!! Pictures!

    Phew, thank goodness we got a break in the weather and were able to finish the coop! It still needs to be painted and some finishing touches added (like the window box) but I'm delighted with how it came out! Full pictures on my webpage, see link below.
  13. skatcatla

    Do they NEED to free-range?

    Right now my girls have been let have the run of my small yard all day. They clearly love this...BUT....its not so great for us. Its now impossible to step outside the kitchen door, onto our deck or to do laundry without risking stepping in chicken poo. I hose it off at least once a week but I...
  14. skatcatla

    What's the biggest egg you've ever got?

    My little RIR gave me another whopper the other day..its a new record for us at 3 1/8 ounces. What's your record?
  15. skatcatla

    My new coop is half-finished! PICS!

    I can't believe how fast my carpenter is. He did all this in about 5 hours. All that's left for him to do to do is finish cutting the chicken door, build and attach the barn-style doors on the other side, build the nest boxes, attach the roof and shingle it. The coop is 4' x 5' x 5'...
  16. skatcatla

    Check out my monster egg!

    Can you tell which one it is? Here it is next to a jumbo egg. It weighed it a a whopping 3 ounces...and yes, it was a double-yolker. Mmm:
  17. skatcatla

    Slightly droopy comb a problem?

    My RIR girl's comb is looking a tad droopy to me. The other girls' combs are nice and upright. The RIR's comb is still bright red, its just flopping a bit to one side. Does this indicate any problem?
  18. skatcatla

    Where do you store your eggs?

    I've read that eggs can be stored on the counter for days and still be fresh, but I'm having the hardest time with the idea of not keeping them in the fridge! We've kept store -bought eggs in the fridge my whole life, so I just can't seem to bring myself to trust nature. Do you keep your...
  19. skatcatla

    HELP! Why do they Buh-gawk like this?

    During the last 2 weeks or so, my girls have started Buh-gawking very loudly, and often very early (6am) in the morning. This isn't my video, I got it on youtube, but it sounds JUST like this: The first time it happened and I went out to investigate, it seemed that the girl buh-gawking was...
  20. skatcatla

    Whose coop had a chicken painted on it?

    I seem to recall (when I looked through pages and pages of coop designs) that someone had a coop with a funny chicken painted on it. Anyone remember who it was? I just remember it cracked me up.
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