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  1. Nicola

    Well looks like i defiantly need my wisdom teeth out *includes pic*

    Been having on and off jaw pain for about 18 months now, finally got around to having a dental x-ray done, done and dusted in one day. I was really not expecting the results i got back it certainly doesn't look good O.O i know all 4 are there, x-ray at least confirms 3 that i can see, i can...
  2. Nicola

    Year of the rooster Your inbox is full..

    I can't reply your box is full haha.
  3. Nicola

    My new fishies :D

    I ordered some Betta's off aquabid a few months back and they have finally arrived
  4. Nicola

    Harry Potter

    I'm seeing Harry potter part 2 at midnight tomorrow night (in Australia it would be the night of the 12th) Is anyone going to go see it at the midnight screening?
  5. Nicola

    Eggless Pasta carbonara

    This is a egg free recipe as 2 people in my house are intolerant to eggs. Ingredients 1 600ml ( erm.. i think? thats 20 fluid ounces )Tub of thickened cream ( the kind you use for whipping it may have a different name in the states) 1 Onion. diced finely. 5 or 6 rashers of Bacon diced into...
  6. Nicola

    Anyone else diagnosed with PCOS?

    Was just wondering if anyone else on the forum has been diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)? I was officially diagnosed last year..With the Hormone imbalance, the Insulin resistance ( high insulin levels) and Cystic patters.
  7. Nicola

    Anyone else had this happen.. xD

    sorry guys if this is in the wrong section wasnt sure where to put it But has anyone else had this happen... u look outside and find that the chickens are outside for a late night snack... Its currently 8.20pm and i just went out into the backyard to find 2 of my 3 chickens were out of bed...
  8. Nicola

    OK is this egg fertile

    Yes i have looked at the sticky... but hard to tell with this egg.... egg on the right
  9. Nicola

    What should My Custom title be out of.....

    Avid texter Cochin Crazed Chook Cuddlin Aussie Cochin Luv ::ETA:: ill choose the title at this time tomorrow...
  10. Nicola

    What am i male or female ?*lots of pics*

    Ok well i have 5 cochin bantam chick.. i know 2 are deff roos.. and pretty sure i have 2 pullets.. but am not sure on one of them.. ill post pics of all of them and what colours are they? Lucy ( girl) Belladonna (girl) Jackie (????) Chuck (boy) Bruce (boy) ETA: they are about 10 weeks old
  11. Nicola

    Pics of my 3 week old chicks :D

    magenta squirt belladonnalucy squawk
  12. Nicola

    Whoo hoo 5 chicks hatched!*pics**

    My chicks have finially started to hatch a day or so late 5 have hatched so far Pics coming soon
  13. Nicola

    Quick question about temp :)

    i have a homemade incubator and hatched with it fine b4. But since last hatch i have added a fan. one side of the bator is getting to 100....the other side...102... and under the light it also around 102... is that too hot. What are the ideal temps for a bator with a fan.?
  14. Nicola

    1000 posts

    whoooooo i just got over 1000 posts whooooo lol i talk to much
  15. Nicola

    ATTN the poultry peanut ur inbox is full

    EMPTY IT plz lol
  16. Nicola

    Happy Birthday Starryeyes

    Happy birthday starryeyes *sings happy birthday* Cake Or
  17. Nicola

    Where to Put my fan in my Bator PLZ HELP NEEDED ASAP

    how many fan(s) should i need in my bator and where the fans are 35 CFM max with no resistence : [ how many fans and where in this bator> [: im plannig to starts a hatching in the next week or so but the person who is installing it for me is only here today
  18. Nicola

    how much space....?????

    i have currently 4 bantam sized chickes and am going to be hatching more in the springbut will only be able to keep 2-4 of them cause i have a small backyard and i want to build on like this how big would i need to make it nothing Huge...
  19. Nicola

    what should i get incubator wise

    im thinking of buying a incubator but tossing up which one i should save up for these are the ones im thinking of getting the hexabator from planetpoultry 220$ + P+H f rom brook feild poultry equipment the hovabator 1585A(picture window fan forced) with turner 345+P+H without turner 245+P+H or...
  20. Nicola

    paper towels

    my chicks are now a week old. when can i take them off the paper towels and put them on to full shavings?
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