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    Plain View Farms Page

    Plain View Farm is located in Central Virginia. Our farm was named for its obvious "Plain View". Centered within hundreds of acres of pasture and hay fields it is a quiet secluded setting. (Well except for the birds noise and the occasional Beagle Baying) All of our birds are hand raised...
  2. Plain_View_Farm

    Can French Guineas reproduce naturally?

    Interesting... I thought Guineas were monogamous... 1 Male / 1 Female. David
  3. Plain_View_Farm

    7 week old guinea running backwards??

    I'm wondering if it could be a courting behavior? That video that was posted shows it began when it approached another Guinea. David
  4. Plain_View_Farm

    How to boil and easily peel a Quail Egg

    We have found that the best way to cook them is by steaming. 10 min in a covered steaming basket then dropped into cold water. Peeled shortly thereafter. David
  5. Plain_View_Farm

    Button Quail Cage Questions

    Actually 11" - 12" is better for Button Quail. At that height they usually cannot gain enough velocity to break their necks when they spook and fly straight up. Button Quail (Chinese Blue Breasted Quail) are monogamous. They "should" be kept in pairs, 1 M 1 F. I have 11 pairs and admit I have...
  6. Plain_View_Farm

    how long do chinese painted button quail eggs need to be incubated ???

    16 for CBBQ eggs... (Chinese Blue Breasted Quail) AKA Buttons. David
  7. Plain_View_Farm

    How old is too old to eat turkey?

    Ya beat me to it Frosty...
  8. Plain_View_Farm

    what breed is she? i'm confused

    LOL... I was thinking the same thing myself And, no not that I am aware of... David
  9. Plain_View_Farm

    what breed is she? i'm confused

    Narragansett Royal Palm cross perhaps but from those pictures it does not look like a Pure Bred RP. Do you have a side view or better shot of the tail? David
  10. Plain_View_Farm

    baby coturnix hatched without absorbing all of the yolk sack....

    The best you can do is allow it to rest. Many times they will still absorb the Yolk Sack after coming out of the egg. Good luck with it, David
  11. Plain_View_Farm

    Has anyone had this happen?

    I agree... What I do is take an index card and cut a little piece out of it the shape of the foot including the three toes. Then take thin strips of adhesive tape (1/4" wide) Set the foot on the "boot" and tape the toes to it. Generally within about 3 days the toes will straighten and be...
  12. Plain_View_Farm

    Our Babies growing up :)

    They grow so quickly...
  13. Plain_View_Farm

    My new Keets

    You should try catching Button Quail in the incubator. They're the size of a bumble bee when they hatch. LoL David
  14. Plain_View_Farm

    Can French Guineas reproduce naturally?

    Well I've decided I'm going to keep 10 of these and see what happens next Spring.. These will Free Range though unlike hte assorted color Guineas we have. They are kept in to get the eggs. Hopefully they will reproduce and if I'm lucky find where they lay their eggs. David
  15. Plain_View_Farm

    When is it OK to remove heat source?

    If they are indoors they should be fine... Outdoors and the temp went below 60 I'd consider additional heat that they could get far enough away from it if they didn't want it. David
  16. Plain_View_Farm

    When is it OK to remove heat source?

    I take it you have them outdoors by now? It will probably be a while until we got temps below 60 I'd think. I forgot to look where your located though. David
  17. Plain_View_Farm

    question about distressed hen

    She will mourn for a while but she should try laying again. Unless she thinks it's too late in the year to hatch and raise Poults before Winter. But as hot as it is around here at least I doubt Winter is on her mind other than wishing it were here. David
  18. Plain_View_Farm

    My new Keets

    They are cuties... We just started getting white ones and lavender this year too. Wait until they begin flying which won't be long at all. LOL My DW came home from the feed store yesterday and had a Keet peeping at her on the floor as she entered the door. Hard to believe the 4 dogs and however...
  19. Plain_View_Farm

    question about distressed hen

    Did she only have the one Poult or are their more? David
  20. Plain_View_Farm

    Daughter snuck buton quail eggs into bator, have chick now, need help!

    Just hatched Button Quail are Very heat sensitive. A bit too hot and they will die.. A bit too cold...Not good. I'm sorry for your loss but you did everything you could under the circumstances. David
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