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  1. Teena Marie

    Any Breeds not so apt to pluck and eat feathers?

    I have read a lot of forums here on feather eating and the different methods of curing this problem. I currently have 6 RIRs that are nice reliable hens but I can't stand looking at the poor things. They are getting naked. Not the pretty chicks they used to be. I have tried many of the...
  2. Teena Marie

    Candling Brown eggs help

    I know it is probably an old topic here. I have read most of the posts on the threads but I still have a questions. I have RIRs and I want to start selling eggs. I have bought a candle from a feed store but don't really see much. When you candle eggs are you looking for blood spots or are...
  3. Teena Marie

    Oh Boy, I'm wondering if they are Roos

    I bought 4 Wyandottes chicks from my local Farm supply, three weeks ago. They assured me they were pullets, sexed by the hatchery. I had chickens long ago so I am not totally new to raising chicks. Tonight when I was changing water and filling the feeder I noticed the 2 larger chicks were...
  4. Teena Marie

    How many Henny Penny's can there be?

    I just joined BYC last night. BUT, I have been lurking reading articles and enjoying stories. I have 4, two week old Wyandottes. I have always tried to be creative when choosing names for my pets. I of course thought of Henny Penny. Obviously so has everyone else! I won't use Henny Penny...
  5. Teena Marie

    Hello from WA SE Washington!

    Hello, My name is Teena Marie and I am from south eastern Washington state. I am not really new to backyard chickens but it has been a long time since I had any. . At Easter time, when I was about 5 or 6, I was allowed to get a colored chick or two. They came in pastel shades but the colored...
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