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  1. NH-Song

    Thin Shells

    I have a mixed-breed flock of hens (brahmas, isabrowns, barred rocks, wyandottes, jersey giants, an easter egger, and a rhode island red), in a good-sized coop with large windows. I'm in coastal New Hampshire. We moved them out of our basement a couple of months ago (they'd been spending nights...
  2. NH-Song

    Two roosters (one Easter Egger, one Frizzle) to rehome in New Hampshire

    This is my first time raising chickens and two of the cute-as-pie fluffy balls of fuzz have turned out to be roosters. I'm not allowed roosters where I live, so either I have to re-home these cuties or eat them. They're both only about 6 months old. I've attached pictures of them both; it should...
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