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  1. Randy

    Help! First cabinet incubator

    Oh okay. Looked around some and I thought maybe a Dickey's but the ones I've found don't seem to have doors like those. I know that during the big ostrich/emu boom there were some incubator builders that came and went so the company might not be around any more. Good thing is, since they used...
  2. Randy

    Help! First cabinet incubator

    How can you tell they aren't home made?
  3. Built with GIF Movie Gear 3.0

    Built with GIF Movie Gear 3.0

  4. Randy

    Copper Sulfate Question?

    Is the copper suflate used for algae and pond weed control the same as the acidifed copper sulfate that is sold by poultry suppliers to treat for blackhead?
  5. Randy

    anybody have their turkey shot by hunter?

    Heard of a guy that had one shot in his front yard. It was a royal palm too. The owner ended up charging the shooter a hunded bucks and the guy paid off.
  6. Randy

    Having eggs shipped from overseas? Legal?

    Anyone ever had eggs shipped from overseas? I know there are a million hoops to jump through for live birds but what about eggs? Reason I'm asking is that I was looking at eggs online and I see this person will ship to the US and really it's not any higher than what most charge for shipping eggs...
  7. Randy

    Let's talk Black Turkeys

    Does anyone know of a good place to get Norfolk Black Turkeys? From most pics I see of the spanish they have some white on the edges of some of the smaller feathers on thier back near the tail and I am wanting a solid black turkey. According to this the Norfolk and the Spanish are different...
  8. Randy

    Babirusa Breeders??????

    Does anyone know of any babirusa breeders in the US?
  9. Randy

    Can RP be hiding something?

    If you had a royal palm that looked correct and was strickly black and white, not showing a hint of red or brown could it still be hiding something like calico/sweetgrass in it's background?
  10. Randy

    Any good advise for starting a chicken farm?

    You want to know how to make a small fortune with a chicken farm. Start out with a large fortune. On a more serious note if your husband is having healh problems and can't work I'm hope you are prepared to work your butt off cause runing even a small scale operation is nothing but work work...
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  12. Randy

    Pictures wanted!

  13. Randy

    Growth on Royal Palms face...does anyone know what this is?

    This would be my guess. Infectious sinusitis in turkeys produces a sinus swelling under the eye as well as an inflammation of respiratory organs. It is a chronic disease adversely affecting growth and feed conversion. It may also cause significant mortality in young poults. A peculiar...
  14. Randy

    Call of the Wildman

    Quote: "No it's cut ally not" You make a strong point. I can't argue with logic like this.
  15. Randy

    Call of the Wildman

    That's the stupidest show I have ever seen. Like most "reality" tv shows today it's all a bunch of staged bs!
  16. Randy

    Do you recycle?

    I do sometimes. I have learned that used motor oil can be recycled into an awesome weed killer.
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