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  1. chicken hawk 33

    Chicken hawk.33 hatch along.

    This thread i am starting for anyone who would like too set eggs with me this week are has set eggs in the incubator off any type.come have nice.everyone is welcome.
  2. chicken hawk 33

    All about silkies

    How Canon u tell a roo from a hen
  3. chicken hawk 33

    Tips and pics on incubating

    I and starting this thread for anyone with tips are enything they would like to share for incubating eny eggs also anyone wanting to share the pics through there hatching experience .. p.s. also I would like to see pics of brown eggs candles on day five and what the best temp for a still air...
  4. chicken hawk 33

    Help hatching eggs

    I have a brand new incubator with automatic turner I had it set up two days then put eggs there are 26 eggs in it well the humidity is at seventy percent is that high
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