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  1. Symboline

    Lavender Silkie Chicks different color beaks

    Why do the Lavender Silkies have different colored beaks? Some are light in color and some are dark.... I have never noticed this on Silkies in the past....
  2. Symboline

    ISO Silkie Hens in or around Iola, Texas

    Looking for a couple of silkie hens... If you know of anyone please let me know....
  3. Symboline

    My two Silkie Roosters, what color are they?

    I just bought these two silkie roosters today. I have never seen these colors... Can you tell me what color they are? Thanks for any help!!
  4. Symboline

    Are these Ameraucana chickens?

    These came from ideal poultry listed as Ameraucana's... After reading up on this breed I am confused. What are the differences in the Ameraucana and Easter Egg chickens? Thanks for any help! Trish
  5. Symboline

    My Buff Silkies

    They were born Nov 21, would this be a rooster and a hen?
  6. Symboline

    pictures of the Buff silkie babies

    These little guys were hatched Nov 21. Do the pictures look like I have each a rooster and hen buff silkie?? In the top picture it has what looks like a red comb starting to grow... Thanks for any help!! Trish
  7. Symboline

    One of my silkies has something wrong with its leg

    I noticed when I brought it home the leg was sticking out, didn't think much of it as I was so excited to get my babies... its little leg seems to be getting worse... What is wrong with it? This picture was taking the day I brought it home, will take another picture when I get home.... Thanks...
  8. Symboline

    Silkie Colors

    I ordered 4 blue silkie chicks and 2 buff chicks, they were born on the 21 of Nov. the colors of the blues are 2 gray color and 2 black color chicks. Will their color change or will they stay the color they are? I really thought they were going to be blues when I ordered them.. I am not...
  9. Symboline

    My new Silkie babies from Ideal Poultry

    These babies were hatched yesterday morning, Nov 21, 2011 at Ideal Poultry. I got 4 blue and 2 buff. These are my first babies so any advice would be greatly welcomed... I have them in a 20 gal. fish tank with a hay floor and plenty of food and water.Oh and a 100 watt bulb on them. What else...
  10. Symboline

    Todays Pictures of my chickens

    Pictures of Symboline, eggs and my new rooster... [/img][/img][/img][/img][/img]
  11. Symboline

    What Breed is Merle Haggard?

  12. Symboline

    What breed is Prissy?

  13. Symboline

    What breed is Symboline?

  14. Symboline

    New Member from Texas

    Hi Everyone! My name is Trish. I live in Texas and have five chickens- Johnny and June are my two Turkins, Not sure what kind Prissy and Symboline are and I think Merle Haggard is a Bantam... Hopefully I can post some pictures and get an id on them... These darn things are so spoiled, When I go...
  15. Symboline

    Eggs in incubator... Help!!

    This is my very first time that I have put eggs in the incubator. I put the first few in on Oct. 19. Tonight I went out and made a candling box and took a few pictures of the eggs... Can you tell me if my eggs are ok or if you see anything wrong please let me know... These four eggs are from my...
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