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  1. CelticMoon1

    Humidity for duck eggs..???

    I got some really good advice for incubating Indian Runner eggs earlier - now I have one more question! I don't have a humidity pump for my incubator, and the humidity fluctuates between 53 and 55 %... I was told to keep it at 55%. Is this too much fluctuation, and how much is it going to...
  2. CelticMoon1

    Please help - I'l be setting Indian Runner eggs for the first time!

    It seems I just promised to set some Indian Runner eggs for a friend of mine. Problem is, I've never hatched ducklings before. Soooo - what's different from chickens? Anything I need to take into account? Any and every advice welcome!
  3. CelticMoon1

    The Scandinavian SOP for Norwegian Jærhøns - translation

    NORWEGIAN JÆRHØNS A. ORIGIN: Norwegian landrace fowl that were developped on Jæren near Stavanger (Norwegian west coast) from around 1920, which are very good egg layers of white eggs. Very hardy, very frugal and good foragers. B. OVERALL IMPRESSION, BEHAVIOUR AND TEMPERAMENT: Nice chicken...
  4. CelticMoon1

    Color genetics pop quiz :P

    Here's a pop quiz for genetic gurus out there: Mum is a Cuckoo Maran/Barnevelder mix (her dad Maran, her mum Barnie). She's faintly barred. Dad is a Silver Laced Wyandotte. SO, we let a broody hatch 3 eggs, all 3 chicks are different; one looks kind of like an Austrarlorp chick, I'm guessing...
  5. CelticMoon1

    How long do you keep the bandaid on a splay chick?

    I discovered today that one of my late hatchers from yesterday is a splay, so I've put a bandaid on and it seems to be doing fine. Now... how long do I keep it on before trying to remove it? A couple of days? Or does it need to be longer? I think I might be spoiled *lol* I consider this a bad...
  6. CelticMoon1

    Chicks due Tuesday!!! Anyone else??

    I have my Brinsea filled with SLW eggs - one tossed early on as it was an early quitter. However the remaining 23 all (!!!) had movement on candling & water testing today! I had a previous hatch (two weeks ago) where there were 4 quitters and 2 fully developped chicks that just didn't hatch out...
  7. CelticMoon1

    My SLWs are hatching!!! :D

    My SLWs are as I'm typing, I'm so excited! Fingers crossed no yellow chickies will pop out, as we've found recessive white in our flock... Well; new roo and the split for white hen isn't laying anymore! We started out with 18 eggs (all fertile), lost one at 2 days, one at 5 days and one...
  8. CelticMoon1

    Weird looking eggs - what to do?

    So I put 18 SLW eggs in the bator and candled at day 7. 4 were difficult to tell, the others were fine. Today is day 12, candled again and 2 out of those 4 were fine too. Now, the quandry: In the last 2 eggs the air sacks have developped just like the others (I used a pencil to trace the...
  9. CelticMoon1

    Breed info on Norwegian Jærhøns (Jaerhons / Jaerhon)

    So, I compiled a little "fact sheet" b/c someone asked for info on the breed, and thought I'd share it here as well as I know there are some fanciers out there, and the info isn't readily available to those of you who don't speak Norwegian. I don't own any purebred Jærhøns myself now, so I can't...
  10. CelticMoon1

    How to pack eggs for shipment???

    So I'll be shipping eggs for the first time this spring and was wondering if anyone out there has any "sure" way of packing so they don't crack in the mail. Shipment options are limited so they'll be delivered by express mail (overnight) and may be handled a bit rough. I was thinking wrap eggs...
  11. CelticMoon1

    Any SHELTIES out there?

    Dennis wants to meet YOUR shelties
  12. CelticMoon1

    Your opinions please.. Wyandottes!

    Here's my 6 months old roos.. Sorry the pic quality isn't the best, and it proved quite hard to get a good view of them in the run. Gulliver, GLW: Silvio, SLW: Now this is our cull, but we're keeping him till spring I suppose...
  13. CelticMoon1

    Banding chickens, what kind of leg ring and why?

    I'm buying leg rings for next year's chickens and came across different options: Click rings, flat band and spiralled... We don't show so banding is strictly to tell each batch from each other as far as parentage. Are there any rings that are better than others, and if so how and why? Thank...
  14. CelticMoon1

    Question for the down genetics experts (GLW and SLW)

    I'm planning a GLW roo x SLW hens and a pure SLW x SLW hatching next year. I'm not sure if I'm doing both at the same time or separately yet... Still though, I'm wondering how they would look as day-olds. Now, I expect the GLW pullets would look like any other GLW chicken, with a goldish tint...
  15. CelticMoon1

    Have I had an outbreak of Mareks?

    As I've said in previous posts we've had really bad luck with this batch of chickens. We started out with 24 eggs and now have 4 pullets and 2 roosters left.. 1 was a spraddle chick (we didn't know about treatment so it's gone) At least 2 have died suddenly with no prior symptoms 1 started...
  16. CelticMoon1

    Limping pullet - help!

    3 month old pullet started limping today. She looks like she's off balance but I examined her leg and observed the way she walks and it's the left "hip" that's wrong. It's not broken, swollen or hot. If I hold the chick by her body she keeps her left leg straight while the right one is normal...
  17. CelticMoon1

    Droopy wings - what's wrong with our chick??

    We've had some bad luck with this batch probably due to temp or humidity problems in the incubator: 1 stopped developing half-way, 2 developed fully but didn't hatch, 1 was born with a leg sticking out, 1 died suddenly at 6 weeks and one at 9 weeks.. Now this chicken we thought at 7 weeks it...
  18. CelticMoon1

    Marking eggs for hatching..??

    I've been browsing the forum and came across a mention somewhere (can't remember quite where or who, but I think they were talking about silkies) of "dying" a hen to be able to tell what eggs are from that particular hen. Anyone know anything about this? How it is done if it is at all possible...
  19. CelticMoon1

    Hello everyone

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone as I'm new here I started out originally with Orpingtons and Australorps, then added som GLW (which I think are gorgeous) and New Hampshire. I had a few lazy years that led to a lot of mixed breeding, and still have a couple of GLWxAustralorps.. But am aiming...
  20. CelticMoon1

    Culling Silver Laced Wyandottes

    I'm keeping a SLW roo chicken from this year's hatching, they are now 7 weeks old (I know I said 5 before, but my memory was playing tricks on me - time flies )and the 8 roosters are quite differing in appearances. Anyone got any insight as to what they should look like at this age colorwise to...
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