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  1. Howard E

    Electric Fence setup......with grounding instructions

    Posted this an a thread or two, but decided it might make a good thread to it's own. Don't know a whole lot about Cyclops fencers, but their instructions for setting up a fence and ground rod system are excellent...
  2. Howard E

    Where are my images?

    Since the update, it seems the library of images I've uploaded over the years is missing. They still show up in my old posts, but I can no longer find them to include in new posts. So they aren't gone, but where are they?
  3. Howard E

    Miscanthus litter

    Anyone know of a source of this in the US? Said to be far better poultry litter than wood chips. I have a row of it myself.....serves as a windbreak and cover for the birds....... but I have no good way of chopping it. Guy I work with has several acres...
  4. Howard E

    Weapons of choice?

    For snuffing varmints in traps....captured animals at nearly point blank range......what are the weapons of choice? At the farm, then and now.......we always use a .22, single shot, bolt action Rifle and .22 shorts. Remington 510 targetmaster if it matters. You could even shoot CB caps with it...
  5. Howard E

    Solved Question

    To the administrator and/or moderators, Does BYC have a policy on a single member creating and posting under multiple screen names?
  6. Howard E

    Rat Control - the video series

    Can't edit the original, so consider this series of videos to be an updated companion to a previous rat control thread... Rat control always comes down to three things.....(1) sanitation.....(2) exclusion and if those two fail...
  7. Howard E

    Save or toss?

    Never faced this predicament before. We had to be gone for 5 days, with nobody around to gather the eggs. Birds did OK confined to the Woods house, so no harm to them. Except when I let them out this evening, I gathered 7 dozen eggs, which they left over a 5 day period. Temps the first two days...
  8. Howard E

    Rat Control 101

    This thread is a condensed summary of information found in numerous other threads, and all of it designed to help concerned BYC growers deal with rat their infestations. It is divided into three parts: 1. Know your rat 2. Rat Proofing 3. Elimination Each of these sections will also include...
  9. Howard E

    Dead rats and secondary poisoning?

    When dealing with rats, a concern of some over the use of poison bait blocks is the risk of secondary poisoning by pets and other if they find and then eat a rat that died from the poison. Does anyone have actual experience where this has happened? A confirmed case where a dog, cat, chicken or...
  10. Howard E

    YouTube Cracks Down

    In case anyone hadn't noticed, youtube has been cracking down on what they deem to be offensive videos, and that includes a number of really helpful trapping videos. I have made numerous links to them, including this thread:
  11. Howard E

    The Victory House

    Was watching a program on what the US citizens did leading up to and through WW II, and with everything in short supply, how urban folks were pressed into planting gardens, etc. for food. They were the Victory gardens (and Victory just about everything else). An extension of that was the need...
  12. Howard E

    On concrete floors....

    If you are contemplating a chicken house that you intend to be more or less permanent, and of any size at all....say large enough to house a dozen birds, know that the A#1 recommended floor to put under it is concrete. That has been the gold standard of chicken house floors for at least 100...
  13. Howard E

    Rats! (when the army went to war on them)

    Fascinating video on how the Army dealt with rats. Not sure who one. But informative, and most of it as true today as it was back then. Lots to learn here. About rat behavior, baits used and why, and tracking powder. A hammer? Really?
  14. Howard E

    Freeze Proof in Winter?

    Thought I would throw this out for someone else to help test and perfect. This is an improved (maybe) version of what we used to use for freeze proof livestock water. Basic idea is to bury the water tank well below either soil or inside insulation, so the source tank does not freeze. This one...
  15. Howard E

    A better rat trap?

    Posted this in another thread, but thought it might have merit to discuss on it's own. For you rat trappers, this is something you might try.....and further modify it by hanging a mini snicker's bar from a piece of string from the center of the lid so rat has to go to the edge of the plank to...
  16. Howard E

    Jackie Boy

    My pet name for a young Jack Russell terrier we are dog sitting for a few weeks. What a curious dog. Generally mild mannered and well behaved, a bit needy, craves attention, but otherwise, is not a problem. Found out last night this dog is a killer. Took him out for his final walk of the...
  17. Howard E

    Dogs and Electric Fences

    As per BYC's worst predator survey, dogs are one of the most serious predators of chickens. We see posts on this topic almost daily. Most responses run towards the SSS (shoot, shovel and shut up) solution, with sentiments leaning towards killing the dogs. I can appreciate the sentiment, but my...
  18. Howard E

    On being high and dry.......

    Was mowing the yard the other day and found an excellent way to explain where to put your coop and why. Consider this photo........ Shaded area on the left is on the north side of this row of pine trees. On a day when it was about 70 degrees out, it may have been at least 10 degrees cooler in...
  19. Howard E

    Proper design of Roost Bars

    I fear I am about to soil someone's shrine, but here is a modern era reference to proper roost bar design: It is a layman's summary of this study (which I cannot open or I would have only referenced it)...
  20. Howard E

    Quick and easy electric fence

    A few days back I found evidence that the coons had somehow managed to get past my primary electric fence to raid a small patch of sweet corn. No real surprise, as primary fence only surrounds the secondary area on only 3 sides. Fourth side is chain link fence which is primary yard for the...
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