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  1. FlyingDoughnut

    FlyingDoughnut's chat thread

    This is my chat thread so like you can talk to me if you want. here's a little bit about me, I am a Christian pastor's daughter I play defense soccer I am a black belt in tae kwon do I like donuts my favorite color is turquoise
  2. FlyingDoughnut

    'm back

    i've had an account on here for a long time and i have used it in the past.
  3. FlyingDoughnut


    I haven't gotten chickens yet and the coop is going to be made of a shed and once the snow melts we're going to get it made that we have and the windows are glass and a bit broke(there is a small breeze from it) is there anything i need to do to them?
  4. FlyingDoughnut

    The Dreams of the City-RP

    The Dreams of the City You were a volunteer for planning what the city would build next. You then went out of the room to get a glass of water, the room was empty. When you walked out of the room, everything looked different. You walked outside, you saw a road, it had only one car on it and it...
  5. FlyingDoughnut


    This is a chat about languages tell us why you wanted to learn the language. lets try to stay mostly in English!
  6. FlyingDoughnut

    FlyingDoughnut's place (all are welcome!)

    welcome to my place we can chat and have lots of fun! but there are some rules! 1. all of the BYC rules 2. anyone can join so you don't have to ask 3. and read the rules xD my username i was listening to klove and there is an artist on...
  7. FlyingDoughnut

    Yarn, Hooks, and Needles

    This is a chat where we talk about yarn and stuff you made from it
  8. FlyingDoughnut

    no time

    I can't see the time when I am on this app
  9. FlyingDoughnut


    ok i got a riddle... Grandma likes coffee but she doesn't like tea. say it out loud.
  10. FlyingDoughnut

    tea vs coffee

    this is like boys vs girls and dogs vs cats. if you like tea more than subtract 1, if you like coffee more than add 1. if tea team gets to 0 than they win, and if coffee team gets to 100 they win. set-50
  11. FlyingDoughnut

    to many?

    i know that with ducks you cant have to many boys but with chickens is it the same way
  12. FlyingDoughnut

    do toms roost?

    do toms roost? i don't have any poultry and never had.
  13. FlyingDoughnut

    how many chickens go on a roost

    how many chickens go on a roost. if you have pictures than can you show me
  14. FlyingDoughnut

    reading wrong

    i was holding a can of soda and i thought it said "still 1 can" it really said "serving size 1 can" anybody else do stuff like that?
  15. FlyingDoughnut

    duck, chicken, and turkey coop

    how big of a coop do i need for each bird or is it different for each one
  16. FlyingDoughnut

    is the ameraucanas from ideal poultry loud

    i have/had no chickens and if i get chickens then i want them to be quite so is the ameraucanas from ideal poultry loud
  17. FlyingDoughnut

    list of brown egg layers?

    the hatchery website where I'm getting chickens from is down. i don't want to wait till its back up. i think it would be easier to look at a list
  18. FlyingDoughnut

    how many eggs

    I'm planing on getting eggs to hatch and i don't know how many to git I'm planing on having 1 welsh Harlequin and 3 of another type at some point i can tell you what type of incubator I'm going to git.(I'm not shore yet)
  19. FlyingDoughnut

    tell your draem storys

    this can be your deam jernol that other people see you say what to want to say... you can add pics if you remeber wate things look like and if you want to
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